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Ronnie - Think Hashimoto's is similar to HPT. Google⚾️.com For both.
Karen - Thank you suffer from hasimoto disease
Allegra - Thanks - will look at HPT. I whack an eggshell into my smoothie every day for the calcium. Might ... More »
john,Hulk - its not easy bernice i know, i was over weight and eating anything,this diet applys to everyone r... More »
Bernice - Thanks hun. Appreciate ur input 💕
john,Hulk - haha bernice, my joints improved quickly, first thing i noticed was my joints and later my finger... More »
john,Hulk - indeed terry, my thoughts too :)
Sarah - Absolutely, it's about finding ways to cope for me too. Let's show this bad boy who is boss 😎
john,Hulk - thats good,sounds good about the slalom around the flakes ,have a good evening :)
Susan - I wish I could get a massage everyday! Had a really super one the other day from my "guy"... Nee... More »
Deleted account - Steve's drink , which he posted a pic of over there, looks really good .. it could persuade me to... More »
john,Hulk - thanks shawn for your reply, i have only just seen it after 16 days, thats a lot of days :) very... More »
Shawn - @hellzbellz100 - Helen this thread may provide some insight -
Susan - Good for you Sarah! I don't go to our public pool here. Maybe I'm sensitive to the chlorine. I... More »
john,Hulk - what about the flakey holiday susan?, its my priority if i win,thought we had a deal if one of u... More »
Norrmall4me - Sounds bike a great new nick name
Sarah - Personal snow to order, very festive!
Susan - Amen to that Mark!!!
Sharon - Too true, I never think I'm not good enough!! Its what my mind is about not my skin!!
john,Hulk - thank you mark,we are all good enough for something in life,i think i am good enough but,no more ... More »
Sarah - No one ever wanted to steal my chair in the office :)
john,Hulk - psoriasis can be used to benefit in some ways it seems :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Dijana! Glad you found us here, and looking forward to hearing more about your ... More »
Michelle - You must be very proud of yourself and so you should. Very well done Dijana. We are all proud of ... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Dwight! Welcome to Flaym! It sure is a steady process staying on top of P. Do you find those t... More »
Sarah - Hi Dwight, welcome to Flaym! Me too I'm a habitual moisturiser... good to hear about your light t... More »
Jill - Would like to try light therapy. I’m in a new area, so I might find an office that has it now.
Suzanne - Husband; nawwww! Love him too much. Seriously he at times contributes to my stress, as he no long... More »
Ajit - Mine is related to cold...i cant eliminate it and neither does covering it up helps...winters her... More »
Judi - Homemade cinnamon cream...French fries...and walking barefoot all the time... :0(
Dex - To help understand my journey, I lost my health-insurance at one point. I spent years with my en... More »
Susan - Dex that's awesome. I never did go the route of immunosuppresants. I just did a diet/lifestyle ... More »
Dex - Susan, I grew up in an U.S. Military family so as a kid through 21 I always walked into the hospi... More »
Deleted account - Yeah Jacqueline, you can say that again ( Don’t 😆😜)...we need to be hysterical ALL OF THE TIME 🤣😁... More »
Deleted account - Oh funnee comments and everything - good to laugh! 😂😂😂
Nan195 - Oh Chris and John, I wish you better with lots of ❤️ and hugs and good thoughts ❤️🌹
Sarah - Great to see how psoriasis changes over time, and a hopeful story about how things can improve a... More »
Susan - Chris you have a great attitude. Funny how some hide and some show. I do believe hiding is the ... More »
James - My scalps been free for a while now but when it had plaques, I tried shower caps and plastic bags... More »
Olive - Hi, I also use coconut oil on my scalp, and tried a bunch of things to cover my head. I found a m... More »
Susan - Welcome to the site. I found that my diet and lifestyle changes are what healed me. I used to s... More »
Deleted account - i found that p and PsA both mess with the thermo - regulators of your body in the dermis of your ... More »
john,Hulk - dont worry susan, everyones probably sick of me telling them diet/lifestyle changes are a choice ... More »
Sarah - Totally love this Chris. There are some even bigger things in life than psoriasis!
Chris - Took some lovely pics as well,pity we can't share on flaym
john,Hulk - sorry to hear of your loss chris
Chris - I put mine on Facebook for all to see,pity there's not that option on here
Deleted account - I've asked Flaym, they are aware of the need for it and are looking in to it :-)
Debra - Ooo, Jacqeline, go on. Make my day. Mine is wide spread. Guess what......
Sarah - That is awesome, Chris! Go you!

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