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Ron - I would say drink pure stuff. Maybe vodka or scotch. No mixers.
Susan - Sarah that's funny. I'm not a flaker, but I am a goofy, flakey, woman. LOL.
Carol - Bless you. I have to he same ingrained acceptance. It's ok. You're not alone.
Michelle - LOL Sarah! Too true!! I find myself doing the same--always such a sigh of relief when we realize ... More »
Sarah - Absolutely love oatmeal, Roxanne! It's amazing ⭐️
Susan - I think a few people do this on the site Roxanne. I believe you would use it as a scrubber too. ... More »
Susan - Jason glad things are going well. That's the thing with biologics. But... We all have the freed... More »
Otto_M_Moon - stay away from people with respiratory illness
Michelle - Does one get sick when using the biologics?
Michelle - lol. Sarah, I got my psoriasis at 17 years of age. Still today I'm scared my daughters might get ... More »
john,darts vader - hahha thats funny sarah, you must be checking your children like a chimp picking at another chim... More »
Sarah - Absolutely John. That image should be hilarious because it is surreal but actually it is real! Th... More »
Michelle - That is really great to hear Savannah! Happy 21st Birthday to you!!🎈🎈🎈
Sarah - That's a great 21st birthday present for you, less red skin! 🎉🎉🎉
Savannah - Thank you xxx
Susan - Polyp good for you. I know when I retire I will probably do the same thing. Just chill, say no ... More »
Don - love the name... sounds like you have it all in order. cheers don
Polyp - Not sure I'll ever have it all in order, but I seem, through trial and error, to find something t... More »
Shar - Awesome!
Michelle - That is really great to her Julie!! :D
john - great news julie :)
john,darts vader - thanks all,i need to take good care of my pet lizard,hes not sore feeling all the time at the mom... More »
Briana - Hi John! I would love to know the name of the cream. Thanks!
john,darts vader - hello briana, pm sent, good luck :)
Susan - will21 I think I used to measure how much water I took in many years ago. Too stressful... LOL. ... More »
Michele - Anything acidic seems to trigger
Susan - Michele that's funny you say acidic. I just watched a facebook video about acidic foods. They r... More »
john - hello jane, probably the chemicals from the dye burning it out, i used to dye my hair years ago,c... More »
Michelle - I have experienced the same Jane & John, getting my hair done always clears my scalp. Very stange... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Jane! Funny how that happens. I've had this in the past too. Good for you for g... More »
Sarah - My cordless Dyson has got some hammering in the past!
Shane - My car will be the same I'm sure Rachel. Dreading it when get one haha
Shane - Haha they're handy right Sarah !
Michelle - Hope its helpful John and you can find some relief soon!!
john,darts vader - thank you michelle,anything is worth a try isnt it,i flared so badly there after stopping steroid... More »
Brian - I am really interested in hearing how it works for you John. Hopefully, you get positive results
Ajit - General ignorance and lack of public awareness leading to secrecy...i would reather hide my p tha... More »
Michelle - I think the biggest secret I have had with P is, the amount of pain it can bring. During my rough... More »
Lorna Penner - The latest cream I was interduced to by my nurse is the "Egyptian Magic Cream" you can order on-... More »
Lauren - I sent you a private message Dawn 🙂
Lauren - What biologic are you taking?
Victor - They are life changing drugs Lauren x
Susan - Michelle you are right. Visualization is a big deal. I've said before the quote from Wayne Dyer... More »
Michelle - Aww Susan, that is tough. You are too beautiful as a person and soul to remain invisible. 💖 If h... More »
Susan - Michelle I haven't heard of those treatments. I have heard of Reikki though. Never did it. Hop... More »
Susan - Ahhh. Well said. One day at a time.
Sarah - Welcome back Polyp! Glad to see your post today. It seems there's always more to do when living w... More »
Don - that's deep dude...seriously...crunch on with that vision.. with all respect. don
James - If you mean because of the itching, speaking for myself, it's to do with temperature. The second ... More »
Sarah - Hi Martyn, welcome to Flaym! I've always imagined that psoriasis as an autoimmune issue means tha... More »
Michelle - Ahhh Diane, that sounds wonderful! Soul soothing I am sure it was! 💜 I'm happy to hear you had a ... More »
Nan195 - There you go Diane, I’m happy for you and all the best 🌹
Janice - So pleased to hear that you are in such a positive place Diane, sounds wonderful.
Tim - I have one super-potent steroid ointment, but I use it very sparingly, and not on large areas. O... More »
Michelle - Thanks Tim :) I have never used olive oil to moisturize, just coconut oil and recently grapeseed ... More »
Tim - Michelle: I was re-reading your comment/question about biologics, and yes I was able to use biol... More »

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