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Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sue. It's great to be able to share experiences here!
Chris - All about sharing , coping and different ideas Sue
john - hello sue,welcome to flaym, think most people have it like that, good and bad,glad your relieved :)
Buhle - You're welcome 😊 I'm happy if you're happy brother:)
Sarah - Been thinking of you, John!
Tim - I'm always amazed when medical professionals ask me about my psoriasis. So many in the dark abou... More »
sandy - hopefully soon mishlyn
john - hello sandy, i am on total detox psoriasis diet/lifestyle changes, i have been for months and jus... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sandy!
MishLyn - Hi Angela, Thank you for your tips! I've been debating going vegan for many reasons. How long ha... More »
Angela - Hi ; I was vegan 15 years ago and psoriasis free but this year had a flare up of palmar plantar p... More »
Sarah - Great idea to put some support in place to help yourself along. Hope it gives you some relief!
MishLyn - Afina, I'm so happy to hear everything went well with your surgery and your P is almost gone!! So... More »
Janice - So very happy for you Afina.
john - great news afina,glad surgery went well :)
HollyDan - Hello Mary jo, Unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules about diet - it's more about findi... More »
Susan - Welcome Mary Jo. You are going to love this site! I certainly do! I am 56 years old and was di... More »
Susan - Don I just posted what I do. Hope you are having a great day!
john - hello jill, when the joints started with pain, i knew what it was as i always thought i would get... More »
john - 3 doctors it took to say what i already knew,the last doctor had psoriasis also,it was because my... More »
Sarah - Welcome Eileen! Since joining Flaym I've found so many tips people have shared and it's so good t... More »
Nan195 - Hi Everyone, I have my two Grand-daughters with me this week and they keep me busy...five year ol... More »
Susan - Welcome Eileen. I know you will find alot of information here. We are all different. I found h... More »
Susan - Good to have you back Sherry...
michael - Hi Sherry.I hope you had no flare ups when away
Janice - Welcome back Sherry, so good to know that you were safe.
john - hello gideon, i would say no, you will know if you have it, the joints will feel painful and or s... More »
Sarah - Great question Gideon, I've been wondering myself what it is like
Pat - Thank you so much John.. I just needed to hear it coming from someone with psoriasis. My son alw... More »
MishLyn - Thanks Pat!! :)
john - thanks pat, there are a few or more of us here that will say the same to you or anybody,one lady ... More »
john - i itch a lot less now, hardly at all christopher just by changeing my diet/lifestyle, psoriasis ... More »
MishLyn - Hi Charles, so happy to hear you have it under control! I am sorry to hear that your were hospita... More »
Josh - I left it on for about 30 minutes. And yes. My wife used it on her face.
Susan - Thanks Josh. Off to sleep land here in BC Canada... Blessings to you.
Denise - Whoa! Cool! Going to try it
Susan - That's interesting Annette... Moccasins go back to the beginning of time. Natural footwear.
James - I can't wear trainers. Good quality leather shoes and light slightly loose socks.
john - hello mishlyn,i hope it all works well for you ,we dont generally cope well with stress with p an... More »
Jill - Sorry about your tough week....I can do relate about the stress....and your body feeling/knowing ... More »
Brenda/joy - I know what it's like to suffer with stress it's been really bad the last 3 years hoping it will ... More »
Susan - Dave I agree... I've done that too. Lots of "you think your's is bad, you should see mine". Som... More »
john - haha, yes susan, so true :)i put comments now and again on these sites but,thats it,let them get ... More »
Janice - I have been tempted to click on other sites and then I think nah! Flaym is good and takes up so ... More »
Dave - Only had a few minor blackheads otherwise face was as smooth as a babies bum 😀
john - hello niamh, yes mildly,i made a silly mistake using someones razor who had acne and i had proble... More »
Niamh - Lol @ Dave! I often get complimented on my skin (face) by people who say 'You're so lucky to have... More »
Susan - Annette one thing about this site is that it is encouraging beyond belief. Heck, we don't even a... More »
Deleted account - Womp womp womp
Sarah - That's great Annette! Me too. I feel totally different about my psoriasis now that I'm connected ... More »

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