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Pradeep - Iam pradeep 38,single serching serious relationship
Precious Babe - Are you serious
john - hello jennifer indeed ,you are making a point what diet has on your psoriasis,mine is definately ... More »
Nan195 - Hi Jennifer, I have to watch what I eat too. My treat of Brown Rice Cakes drizzled with honey, d... More »
Jennifer - Thanks guys, just having such a great skin day thought I would share 😊
Ra11 - Hi Jennifer, maybe you can try simple stuff like going for a walk and getting some fresh air in d... More »
Jennifer - Thank you Ra11 I do actually get a good amount of daily regular and small amounts of exercise bet... More »
Gazza544 - Hi Lori, what's up?
john - hello lori, welcome to flaym,we are all here to help if we can,thanks
Kim - Hi Lori what advice do you need?
Jennifer - What medication?
Cheryl - Thats amazing! What worked best for you? How long did it take for it to make a difference?
john - hello rhiannon,if you are in the uk, its damp and my rented house is damp too as its old and in w... More »
Johann - Ditto! Please share... ☺
Sharon (Sherry) - Willing to try just about anything... share please!
Nan195 - Tell us please 😊
Psoriatic4good - It's common, but not mandatory.
santosh - i have tonsils from my childhood ..but now i dont feel any ...i dont know whether it disappear or... More »
spottytotty - I had mine out years ago, it did not prevent p or make it any better
Jorge Ayuso - It is nice to read that! I hope you start to rest well. You deserve!!
Kelly - I've been using moogoo brought from Amazon that's the best stuff I've ever used and u can rub it ... More »
Helen - Wow will need to try that!
Anton - @Kathy: the tub I got is very thick, so I wouldn't put it on my scalp (unless I was bald, which i... More »
john - hello valarie, yes i have heard about this being useful,glad the itch hass calmed down for you :... More »
Harold - I've mentioned this theory of mine before but here it is again. Anything which causes a inflammat... More »
Cheryl - I am happy with the results! I was able to hold and feel my darts last night to play in our grand... More »
Nan195 - Never heard about it Cheryl, it's worth looking into if it's helped you. Thank you for the Post ... More »
Cheryl - @lynnie. It says on the jar thats its for minor cuts, wounds and cracked skin on hands feet ... m... More »
Jennifer - Right? I know several people who know people with psoriasis, but I have never met another in the ... More »
john - hello diane, is it steriod then,usually they say that with steriod creams, i used steriods for o... More »
Diane - Yes it is steroid based. I just don't want to look like a dot-to-dot page again. Many of my spots... More »
john - glad its been helpful to you diane and you are getting results :)
Sarah - I have 2 grown up children and so far neither of them show signs of having it, however, I didn't ... More »
Dave - I have 3 boys, one girl, all grown up. My youngest son has it, my grand daughter by a son who doe... More »
Marianne - None of my four children has it. It often skips a generation... One of my grandchildren has a m... More »
MishLyn - Calendula, St Johns Wort, Gotu Ku, lavender infused with coconut oil then pmixed with 1oz beeswax... More »
john - i am doing so many things to help myself and my skin looks great feels great.i am just coverd in ... More »
Chezpeers - I use the powder, a spoon of turmeric, a spoon of black pepper, add a squeeze to lemon juice, add... More »
KateL - I bought the powder at the local supermarket I am from New Zealand

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