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Elizabeth - That sounds great did it help with itch
michelle - Can't say one way or the other Elizabeth, I took it for arthritis pain. I've been using fresh ... More »
Shawn - It helps with psoriatic arthritis as it reduces inflammation in the body. I take "Root2 Tumeric ... More »
Giulia - Forgot to add I took off the vest! The whole point of the story! And it went great!
Shawn - Hello Giulia
agb - wonderful. Its great when you have supported friends.
john - only thing I can suggest susan, is look in the small adds of the papers, ring round like I did, y... More »
Susan123 - Hi John is a hour an 30 mins from were i live now , I will phone round like u said an see what I ... More »
john - I hope you get some luck susan :X)
Kim - Maybe for you Cheria, but not for most of the people on here. Read the posts
Jullie - You tell her Kim.
Roxanne - I don't fine living with P very easy but some days are better then others.
Mickg48 - Cut out the onions and the cabbage family although garlic is a great anti -inflammatory.
Mickg48 - John my face is almost back to normal meaning the redness has gone it took about 3-4 weeks almost... More »
john - thanks mick, i dont do dairy at all or spreads,yes cabbage and onions are the worst for it i kno... More »
rakib khan
john - hello rakib, I am well thank you ,see you are relieved,good :)
Mickg48 - Enjoy your weekend John and Susan let us know about your dinner date whoo hoo.
Susan - Dinner date was ok Mick... Not really my type but a nice guy. I'm kind of on a roll lately... Ne... More »
john - sounds good susan,i used to like dating a lot in the past,would be nervous as hell,a few drinks a... More »
lisa - You have a sense of humor- keep it up!
Jayne - LOL Malcolm - keep going
Dot Roux - : ) love the humor. I've heard good things about light therapy - good luck!
Mary - Great!
Janice - Thank goodness, you take care and keep safe.
Raymond - African black soap works for me. I highly recommend it.
Kim - Thanks Raymond, I will google that.
Nevin - That's great, laundry detergent also has to be a culprit
Mickg48 - I use a mild goats milk soap don't know if it helps that much though. I might try your idea John.
Kim - Thanks Mick. Something else for me to google.
...feeling relieved Madelyne @madelyne

Kim - Hi Madelyne. Welcome to Flaym. Let us know if we can help with your Psoriasis.
john - hello and welcome to flaym madelyne, glad you are relieved :)
Gee - Hi, Mary. How many peppermint drops added into, how much coconut oil?
Jan - Sounds a good idea ... must try that!
john - welcome to flaym courtney :)
Dave - Hi Courtney, welcome to the group.
Sharon (Sherry) - Welcome to the group, Courtney!
Nan195 - Hi Jennifer, I have to watch what I eat too. My treat of Brown Rice Cakes drizzled with honey, d... More »
Jennifer - Thanks guys, just having such a great skin day thought I would share 😊
Mickg48 - Oh I wish! I eat very healthy foods, junk foods are maybe once every 6mths the only thing I stay ... More »
Ra11 - Hi Jennifer, maybe you can try simple stuff like going for a walk and getting some fresh air in d... More »
Jennifer - Thank you Ra11 I do actually get a good amount of daily regular and small amounts of exercise bet... More »
Gazza544 - Hi Lori, what's up?
john - hello lori, welcome to flaym,we are all here to help if we can,thanks
Kim - Hi Lori what advice do you need?

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