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Michelle - Wonderful news Erica. I wish you all the luck and keep us posted on your progress okay. Hope you ... More »
Rosey - Erica it's people like you that paves the way for all of us that need to do the medical treatment... More »
Michelle - I agree Rosey.
Stuey - It was Inflixmab that I was using, truly was a like miracle the way it works for me, haven't got ... More »
Erica - All I can say after a year of injections every two weeks is that my blood pressure that was very ... More »
Bev - Wow that's fantastic Erica
john,Flakes to beam up - Yes,,I never had pity as a child for psoriasis for which at that time would had been welcomed as... More »
carol - When my skin is bad I kind of forget about it when I am in public. I guess I always kind of hope... More »
Rosey - I deal all the time with pple and their sorrows and cheer them up and listen,me I just take a lo... More »
Lindakay1948 - Love you too Rosey Good Luck with your treatments they just made me sicker honey and now not able... More »
Bev - Good Luck with your treatments Rosey. Stay strong 🤗
Rosey - Have the script but not going to start until end of mth when I'm off on leave as know they prob m... More »
Rosey - Everything comes to and end sometime,Im not even close ,but a little bit is better than nothing
Rosey - I know I ate too much ham lol but no effect ,like I'd see and effect anyway as have maps of the w... More »
Michelle - Hahaha Rosey. Oh you're funny. I hope you're feeling better? I don't count my spots on my ankles ... More »
Bev - I just saw my post again it was meant to read My hubby has it on one toe. Stupid predictive text Lol
Michelle - hahahahahah Bev, I knew you were talking about your hubby so I had a good chuckle. Your hairy bab... More »
Bev - Lol Michelle maybe that will be my new nick name for him
Michelle - Hi Patricia, I'm glad to hear that the treatment is going well. Hang in there girl and be patient... More »
Bev - So glad it's working for you Sarah 👏
Susan - Synthetic vitamins?🤔 might want to google them. Main reason I switched to Moringa. Real plant and... More »
Mariles Benavente - Susan, How do you use the moringa?
john,Flakes to beam up - Haha , well fire training is a bit boring, i say its more like a grand tour of the premises Rosey... More »
Rosey - Mine was oh&s,manutention Fire safety ,mm had a brief training on extinguishers once,thats about ... More »
Clint - Rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab helped me whe I had some in my hair line
Jen - Hi Susan. Yes I have the same problem. Coffee and tea. I love my coffee though! I can't have Komb... More »
Jen - Oh sorry. Different Susan with the diet.
Michelle - Free range is the best. My meat and my eggs are free range Lindakey. I'm glad for the improvement... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Here in England i dont trust anything they say with organic or free range,unless you go to a loca... More »
Michelle - Europe is more advance than Africa. We still get nice clean food here. I'm actually quite surpris... More »
Susan - Amen to that!
Michelle - I have to agree. Amen to that. Without my God, I will be nothing xxx
Lela - we should all be happy right?
Millionways - Good that you get confirmation. Now at least you know what's really going on. Best wishes.
john,Flakes to beam up - Yes its good to know but sorry you have this Patty, what type of of treatment is on the cards fo... More »
Bev - Hoping the dermatologist has been able to help with your itching Patty and the plaque P.
john,Flakes to beam up - So true Michelle, Theres a lot of wonderful one parent families out there,, I better learn how ... More »
Michelle - Hahaha John. Good luck with finding someone to teach you!
john,Flakes to beam up - HAHAHA Michelle, that would be interesting :)
john,Flakes to beam up - Thank you Erica :)
Rosey - What's the trial,ill give my tired p body to science bit they prob won't want it,haha,id be a soc... More »
Erica - @Rosy trust me I was told I looked the worst of em all hahaha. I was desperate for help. I am gla... More »
Dakeyras - Good luck and best wishes lass!
Rosey - Keeping busy is good Keturah,glad u don't have the exhaustion that p brings along with some,your... More »
Gino - Jen, What I discovered is that increased itching and flaking comes down to 3 things [1] alcohol [... More »
Julie - I stopped taking multi’s a while ago. I do take vitamin B1, thiamin, it helps with the brain fog.... More »
Lorna Penner - Im taking Moranga powder--in yogart or smoothie. I just started but I just got myn here at ,"Life... More »
JODI - wow! Michelle. your diet must definitely take much discipline and will power. thank you to all o... More »
Michelle - Oh and cut gluten out of your diet! Good luck Jodi ;)
Michelle - Its not a diet anymore but a lifestyle change. Never liked rich food anyway ;)
john,Flakes to beam up - yes i used to get tired a lot when my arthritis was bad years ago Sue,I am sorry about your other... More »
Lou - Sue, My primary care dr has no idea how much pain psoriatic arthritis causes nor the amount of f... More »
Rosey - Agree with you there Lou,drs really have no idea about the pain and tiredness am sure mine doesn'... More »

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