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Mishlyn - I have never tried it Clint, but I have heard how others have found really great relief with wrap... More »
Clint - I don't recommend quackery that's what I thought 💭 my dermatologist was at wits end for psoriasis... More »
Sarah - I think some people really get on with wrapping their skin to get some relief! I haven't done it ... More »
Mishlyn - So Good to hear Lisa! Thank goodness they got it sorted out!
Andy - Great news Lisa, back in the booth. 😊👍X
Sarah - Great to see you can think of the positives Lisa, here's hoping your treatment resumes OK!
Leonie Mateer - I just read the article.. amazing...
john,Hulk - We will all be going to clear the shelves out in the shops of this :)
Mishlyn - I just read it as well, thanks for sharing. Amazing indeed!
john,Hulk - ye sugar is a really bad one though you know that , hope all goes well Stacy
Stacy - I know sometimes it’s just so hard to resist need to think of the summer and getting beach body r... More »
john,Hulk - i know all to well being an ex sugar addict, chocolate was my favourite daily for years,well i ho... More »
Sarah - Oh yes Paul. In March last year I was at 80% coverage, and now I haven't got it measured by a der... More »
john,Hulk - thats great sarah :)
Bev - So happy for you Sarah. Well done on reducing your P 🤗
natalie - i find sleepers dont irritate my ears as much.
Susan - Sarah I don't have it anymore but I still have to clean my earrings and butterfly clasps. I thin... More »
Bev - Welcome Elaine and Vickie to the Flaym family. Go onto the theme site and you will find helpful t... More »
Susan - Welcome Elaine and Vickie. Fun and informative family this Flaym lot is...
Elaine - Thank you Bev and Susan!!! I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond quickly. My job is very dem... More »
lisa - Sure is
john,Hulk - Thats good Lisa, i look at healthy eating as a must most of the time whether one has psoriasis or... More »
Sarah - Awesome! It may last, you never know! Keep it up!
Ruben - Hey Nicky, welcome to the Flaym family! Have it for about that time as well. Vitamine B and D, cu... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, nicky! Thanks for sharing what works for you. It's great to know what floats pe... More »
Susan - James that's great. God, I think you probably have a very good sense of humor... Thanks for the ... More »
Sarah - That is great. That stuff has some real fans! Thanks for sharing, lots of people are wondering if... More »
Annette - I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and it has really calmed my skin down and almost c... More »
Sarah - That's great Gill, keep us updated! Really hope it goes well for you.
Gill - Still in ward I've got pustular psoriasis. Due to that can't use steroids cream or have uvb treat... More »
Mishlyn - I am happy you are in a good place to help you get better 😊
Susan - Shawn I have no issues with nightshades, but I did get my gut health in order for a long time now... More »
john,Hulk - Fantastic Shawn sounds great,gotta have a life sometimes and enjoy some tasty things to eat from ... More »
Sarah - It's a big win Shawn! That's great. Looks like you've done enough work on your body that you've r... More »
Julie - My last day is the 29th of March so I am looking forward to what April brings
Mary Kay - Doing what's right for you is a good thing. Top priority. Stress and flares go hand in hand.
Michelle - that's right Julie. stress at work is horrible for our P. Take some time off and as you said, "re... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Sandi! I love the Body Shop rainforest shampoos and used to buy them before I h... More »
Mary - I'm going to try it thank you
Rex - What type of difference have you seen with this product?
Sarah - Thank you Flaym lovelies!
Jayne - Hope you are having a good break Sarah and managing to chill a bit x
Marie - Wow glad you are OK
Susan - Shawn I'm with you on that . I have nothing but gratitude now. I can share my journey of healin... More »
john,Hulk - fantastic shawn, so pleased things have improved for you ,,just over a month to go and hopefully ... More »
Sarah - It's true Shawn, the cold + psoriasis isn't a great combo for lots of us here in UK. It could be ... More »
Mishlyn - Wow Caroline, what a difference moving has made for you! I am really happy to hear your confidien... More »
john,Hulk - i am full of bull :) i dont think it has stopped me doing new things, some old things i did as a... More »
Sarah - Ace! So glad it went well for you Mish!
Susan - Yes. Michael brown. If that's all we have to be grateful for then that's a start. Heck, we woke... More »
Michael brown - Yea Susan...long time hope you good.
Sarah - It brings a little relief for sure! And a nice new colour to boot 👌
Mishlyn - Amazing! I have still used the lemon today and spots still lighter, no flakiness. They are drying... More »
Carol - That might be something for me to try - as long as I don't have to drink or eat anything lemon or... More »
Clint - It works be patient...

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