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Susan - Carrie the longer you are on the site the more confidence you will get and I do believe eventuall... More »
Dennis - Why are you sad
SUE - No not sad you become a shame of your psoriasis you hide, I to did this ever go to far from the f... More »
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Thats awful, hope you get better soon!
Alyssa - Awww thanks just feel so ill :(
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - I know what you mean, ive just got over the flu! Just rest as much as you can and keep warm. :)
NuggetsMcr (Klo) - Welcome to Flaym Omer, why are you feeling alone?
Susan - John I'm really hopeful that the aloe vera will work. It's not a costly thing and way less costl... More »
Susan - Moya the thing about the UVB light is that it does work. It did for me years ago. I still have ... More »
john - i will do susan,so far so good, only been one day so, i hope it looks better by next week instead... More »
Cyril - You should wreak havoc on the weather :)
Dave - My lot just bounced well!
Jeri - MishLyn, I am so sorry this has happened to you and to your son. You already know about coconut o... More »
colleen - Good Morning, How is your son today ?
hope - i gotta try that Don...the first part...when i lived in Colorado i was a chicken to do so but now... More »
Dave - Hi Mark, psoriasis doesn't cause inflammation, inflammation is a by product of psoriasis. Anxiety... More »
Mark - Hi it seems to be related to psoriatic arthritis. I read an article. Thanks for the replies. I ha... More »
john - does it help angel with what you use? do you have psoriatic arthritis aswell?thanks
john - sorry yes you do have arthritis, i missed it in your post sorry, hope thats not very bad for you ... More »
Don - gay or " straight " doesn't really matter in the grand scope of things....really. Don't make thi... More »
Susan - Practice, practice, practice Carol de stressing and living in the moment. I bet weather can be a... More »
michael - Carol I live in Ireland and have had a flare up in the last two weeks.I think mine is stress re... More »
Nan195 - Hi Carol, I'm not in the UK, the weather here in SA doesn't seem to affect my P as it's sunny and... More »
Sarah - Glad you are finding support here, Stephanie
Susan - This is only my opinion and my experience. I had IVF (unsuccessfully), which sent me into my firs... More »
john - hello gina, we all support each other here,if you want help,we allwant to helpyou if you want to ... More »
Cc - Hang in there Gina!! I am here if you need a friend.
Jacqueline - The wild brown rice takes longer to cook and it's dense (to eat). No matter how much you cook i... More »
Jacqueline - I mean I *love* not *live*! Lol.
Susan - Jacqueline I tend not to eat rice much but if I do I love it with just butter and salt. Maybe it... More »
Beth - Thanks Mishlyn! We've tried some things like that and does help. To be honest it's silly things l... More »
NS - i think the part that potentially hurts my relationship is my own awareness that it is there. th... More »
Susan - NS that touch when we have psoriasis from another person is really tough. I would like to share ... More »
Virgis - Chantell! Here you’re not alone and all of us have P. And we’re with you :) Try to be positive, j... More »
Susan - Chantell being low is tough. I know we are told that there is no cure. Believe me I was told th... More »
Jeri - Just started taking meds for depression and anxiety. Angry at my partner now because he says I am... More »
Rosanna - I too have only ever had it on my hands and feet. Very minimal on my hands but at times extremely... More »
Yvonne - Hi Jane I am the same I have on both my feet and hands so I know how you feel today I counted 12 ... More »
Angela - I have it on both feet too. Sad days.
James - One thing my old vet told me, very few people are allergic to cats, what they're allergic to is c... More »
Susan - Good point as I know cats are always licking themselves James. More I think than my dog. What h... More »
Susan - Lexi James just posted about the saliva on a cat's fur. I think it makes sense.
Kim - Hi Robert. What have you tried so far? You can limit certain foods and that helps.
MishLyn - Hi Robert, Like Kim said--dietary changes can be very helpful! Is this something you would consid... More »
Angela - When I was vegan my phone was non existant
Sarah - Yes I do sometimes on the skin over my shoulder blades and back
Barbiejo - Yes I do I feel like been set on firer sometimes. And itching driving me mad .
john - hello karen, thankfully not, though i dont have that much of it now as i changed my diet/lifestyl... More »
Diana - Shelly that does not sound good. Maybe you should stop using it until you can see your doctor again.
Shelley - I have but the symptom hasn’t stopped.
MishLyn - Hi Yvonne, I'm sorry to hear about your day. I have never had P on the bottom of my feet, but I c... More »
Yvonne - No I haven't heard of that I put it itchopaste bandages on at night
Susan - Sorry to hear that Yvonne. I really hope you do some of the suggestions here on Flaym. That pai... More »

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