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john,AQUA MAN - Hello i did marlene when arthritis first abrupted but i think it subsided years ago?i had proble... More »
Susan - I struggled with it as well for years. Although, like John, mine acts up, seems the only issue n... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thats deformity of the spine Susan? sorry about this
john,AQUA MAN - Your welcome Cass :)
nikdm - I haven’t hit it but I have mostly cured my nail P with tea tree essential oil. Works like magic,... More »
Cass - Thank you for sharing! :)
Jen - I made shopping bags out of cheese cloth a long time ago. Not sure Patty. It might be what some p... More »
Bev - Sorry you've had another flare up Jasmin but a good sign is that it's not as severe. Have you had... More »
Sarah - I'm very similar Jasmin. I've been doing diet trials for almost a year now (AIP, paleo, gluten / ... More »
Jasmin - Hi Sarah, I think im very similar with you with hormonal cycles, and definitely onset of illness.... More »
Michelle - Yes we know about you and nutella. Lol. But one thing I can say is that you had the perseverance ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Ah, we learned from each other which is great Michelle, i learnt a lot from here 2 years ago when... More »
Rosey - Yes Peter tried first pill,bad effects from day one ,hair loss etc ,but perceived as was covered,... More »
Alan - i go mountain biking even in the cold weather
Genevieve - Oh boy Alan, I commiserate. I had a big break out recently, got P for the first time on my torso ... More »
Marietes - Sorry to hear that Allan, hope you fell better soon
Chrisb - apparently it's dodgy where two areas of skin rub against each other eg top of thigh or under the... More »
Stacy - Well I won't be doing that again
Michelle - I used to have inverse P under my breasts but its gone now due to the coal tar and aqueous mixtur... More »
Honey - From what I know, you should not use it if you're breastfeeding and if you're not and you think y... More »
Carolyn - Thanks for the information, this week I am trying Calendula cream- thin coating followed by Tripl... More »
Stacy - Hi I have the same and I've been using child's farm and it's done wonders but last week I had a b... More »
Madmum007 - coconut oil didn't work for me either, nor did ACV but, black castor oil did. aveeno cream is a... More »
psomom - just the regular Aveeno moisturizer?
Madmum007 - yes, regular Aveeno Moisturising Cream
Joseph - I've had psoriases for years now, but now it's much less because I think living in a sunny countr... More »
Gordon - U should get a hand held uvb lamp. 250 dollars. I had some ugly patches not anymore! I put up wit... More »
Alexandros - People are soooo rude. Manners should come naturaly just like common sense but obviously this cha... More »
Rosey - Sun doesn't help ,when it's out I sure get some rays,humidity effects me and skin,going to be a h... More »
Rosey - And why are you now The Hulk ,John,a man of many costumes,dont tell me you have turned green? Haha
john,AQUA MAN - Hahaha Rosey nooo, i turn spotty and flakey, Dont make me angry, you wont like me when i am angr... More »
lisa - this has devastated me and my confidence I've even dumped my boyfriend coz I feel so rubbish this... More »
Sarah - Couldn't agree more Zain 👍
Chel - Thank you everyone!! I just pick up psoriasis. It has coal tar it is. So with my meds I am going ... More »
Sarah - Yeooowch it comes back with a vengeance sometimes. The mysteries of psoriasis...
Margaret R - The soap with coal tar helped my feet and hands I'm new to the game at age 83. Showed up in Apri... More »
Rosey - Oh no hope she will be ok?
Erica - @ Rosey I hope so, it is incurable but at least having a diagnosis is always the first step in th... More »
Rosey - Hoping she gets through this and yourself as well,can see you are a good support for her,as you s... More »
Tkaye - That’s an understatement for me right now.
James - We all feel like that occasionally.
K - Don't take it that way. You are stronger than me. Stay brave and strong. My prayers and wishes fo... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Hello Tkaye,Please think about the positive things you can do, stress will make things worse beli... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Here goes, slow elimination of certain foods is the key to success Tkaye, bad, all dairy includ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - I take supplements aswell, turmeric will help with inflammation,I mix that in my foods or make my... More »
Lindakay1948 - Me too Rosey...I do know this they have developed a myriad of devices for the Blind I will make s... More »
Rosey - Lindakay really hope all goes well for you and you adapt ,you are strong and gorgeous ,sounds lik... More »
Rosey - Hey lindakay how are going?
James - I only have psoriasis, not dermatitis but someone else on here might.
Keturah - I've lost hair as well, I found that it was worse when my stress levels were high.
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