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James - I only have psoriasis, not dermatitis but someone else on here might.
Keturah - I've lost hair as well, I found that it was worse when my stress levels were high.
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Jannie - Sending kisses Jennifer as only mothers can to make it better...... Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Michelle - Sorry to hear Jennifer. My skin was very thin and when I stopped the cortisone I tried to spend a... More »
James - Jennifer, have you tried spray on bandaid. Here in the UK we normally call bandaids, sticking pla... More »
Rosey - Jannie I see penisis ,mm think I've been single too long
Jannie - Rosey it is a floral penis cushion . I have sold and painted many. I don't have one in my house.
Rosey - Cool,I want one!
Rosey - Took a tab once and once only! Too many side effects after 9 mths and didn't clear me at all Some... More »
Jen - Good for you Sue. I'm glad. Yes biologics seem to help some people for a while. I don't want to c... More »
Rosey - Am on scripts as well,doing a mix,like baking a cake,the ingredients have to be near right to get... More »
Jessica - I have had psoriasis since 2009. But damn! it has changed my life even though I don’t follow a st... More »
Robin - I don't follow a diet either,
john,DARTS VADER - I gave up a lot in a short time early last year, slow elimination is key to success with diet/lif... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Rhina, One step at a time though it is a choice, i did slow elimination over a couple of mo... More »
Rina - That's a lot. I'll have to start slow
Michelle - Hi Rina. John has given you the best advice on how to start. It might seem like a lot to take in ... More »
Sarah - Gosh Phil really hope you're doing OK, what a lot of things to go through...
Michelle - So sorry to hear this Phil 😔 That sure is a lot to go through in such a short amount of time. Hop... More »
Nuds - Hugs to you xx
Genevieve - I just saw online that they have special body suits for children with eczema, both to stop the it... More »
Michelle - Oh Genevieve. I know the itch can be bad and frustrating. Have you tried lemon?
Genevieve - Yes, I kinda went overboard with it, putting it on 5, 6 times a day for a few weeks. It inflamed... More »
Rosey - Don't worry about the guy,he will appear,constentrate on you first,am a lifer too ,bad times at t... More »
Rosey - Um concentrate too,mannn I need to concentrate on my spelling,a sense of humour helps
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Stormy.I was born with it, my mother had it so she gave me the gift,Luckily mine isnt sever... More »
Sarah - Hey Stormy! Welcome. I am sure that you will find someone who sees you as you are, not just your ... More »
Kelli - I think [...] is supposed to be used strictly two weeks on and two weeks off. I might be wrong, b... More »
Susan - Erin since I got on this page I have been trying to caution people on using steroid creams. That... More »
Erin - When I started he doctor I questioned him on the 2 weeks. Because I can’t take pills or needle to... More »
Michelle - Hey Darryl. Going back to work after you had some time of is horrible. One week is not enough to ... More »
Sarah - Oo tough. Hope the week off was great though!
john,DARTS VADER - Well my view is the same as everyones here, move on, theres lovely people out there who will acce... More »
Ruben - Agree with everyone here! P is skin-deep, he's ugly on the inside...
Psoriatic4good - He is the the worst inside!!! Send him here to balkans, he we're learn a thing or two how to t... More »
Michelle - Hi Lisa. Depression, just eats you up from the inside out. It’s like a monster inside your head t... More »
Sarah - Oh Lisa, this is sad to hear. I think seeking support is the very best thing you can do for yours... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Hello Lisa, how are you doing,? i hope things are getting better now ? thanks
john,DARTS VADER - Sorry about this Lisa. if you can try to get the sun, if that is okay the best you can? thanks
Sarah - Yaaa that is sad Lisa, you had your plan quashed, that's so frustrating for you. Maybe you can fi... More »
Ruben - Once a year???? Move to the Netherlands, the treatment there is free... In Belgium I had to pay ... More »
Michelle - I am so sorry Ingrid. Emotional stress is not good for anyone. Before you start concentrating on ... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Ingrid, glad you have found us at a time that must be very difficult for you. S... More »
john,DARTS VADER - well, yes it can be argued, though a lot of people do have someone in the family with it but not... More »
Theba - Thankyou so much
Chel - I used to be depressed about my p but I realized it's a part of your life now and have to live wi... More »
Peter - Welcome , i have learn that with my P I needed radical acceptance . Basically accepting what is b... More »
Sarah - Ooo ouch, that does sound sore. I can see why that makes you sad on your status. I always find a ... More »
Sarah - Hi Ace! I get some p on my face too. This past year I've been using Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lot... More »
Ace - I Know I have plaque on my head, and I think guttate. Not sure what else.
john,DARTS VADER - Yes my face some times looks like i have put a blow torch to it so, i am resorting to using stero... More »

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