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john - hello jeri, I made changes, big ones and my skin and joints are better, I hope you have a recover... More »
Susan - Sorry Jeri... That sucks. You will find so much out here about lifestyle/diet change. I also ta... More »
Janice - I only use E45 for eczema and fungal infections, I swear by Cetraben and a good soak in Epsom salts.
Mandy - Thank you all so much for your advice ive stopped using the e45 cream and am trying the Aveeno fi... More »
Liz - Mandy that Aveeno is also good I usd it too cetraben you can wash with etc so use both I do
Emil - Glad sun is helping! How long do you stay in the sun for? Does your body itch after getting burnt... More »
Elizabeth - Enjoy Spain Have u thought of moving. I went to cyprus for 2 years a d was great
Sharla - I clear up almost completely in Mexico too...that's why I try to go annually in December/January...😉
Kim - In what way are you in pain? Do you have arthritic Psoriasis?
Pooja - Ur parents loves you and from now don't try this again just explain ur situation 🙃🙂
Mariebar - Hey Santosh you know what parents worry about everything related to their kids. You being away fr... More »
Afina - Way to go Susan.... Some day I will get there too I hope.... I suffer from a depression for m... More »
Susan - Well Afina... I totally get what you are saying. I know a few years ago I was diagnosed with dep... More »
Afina - I am happy God stopped me....and the strange thing is...I was looking in the barn...a saw....a ha... More »
Dave - @foody, well done Kim, good luck with it.
Kim - Thanks Dave. It's my HRT. I have other another 6 tablets to take so should finish about September.
Holli - Hope you feel better soon <3
Jennifer - Turmeric 😊
Jacqueline - Poor you, the lower back! I get it in my thumbs which makes it impossible to pick things up! I do... More »
john - yes, ido turmeric and do sensible eating,2 litres of bottled /filtered water a day and my joints... More »
Gabriela - Sorry about that Paula, I know that must be frustrating :/ sending prayers your way
Cheryl - Have you thought of putting it on a chain around your neck while you can't wear it Paula? It will... More »
Paula - I thought about that Cheryl, but if I lost it that way I would go nuts! And on a practical level... More »
Valentina - Yes, I have same and on the body too.
Shweta Singh - Yeah, it has started appearing on body too.
Gabriela - Thank you all for the responses and support. Today has been tougher than most. Had to quit my job... More »
Sadik - Don't say that hon, every problem has a solution
Shawn - Gabriela - I know you are overwhelmed but start reading everything you can about diet and psorias... More »
Roxanne - Yes we just habe to wait for it.
darren - I know he feeling my p was looking good but recently picked up a bug and now it's come back reall... More »
Janice - Bill and Darren so sorry to hear this, hoping it soon settles down for you both.
Kim - Wish you and Darren better soon.
Kim - You would spill it! What a waste!
Raymond - I'd spill my chlobetasol before I spill my beer lol
john - I remember at work , dropping a lot of paper files off a cabinet and a big tub of medicated body ... More »
Cindy - Thankyou Cheryl it's only early days yet, I think cell cept takes around 12 weeks before any real... More »
Jayne - Cindy - what a vile thing for a doctor to say - some of them do not understand what it is like - ... More »
Jayne - Cindy - what a vile thing for a doctor to say - some of them do not understand what it is like - ... More »
Susan - Raymond that too bad... You've got another one coming in less than 7 days... Hahahahaha!
Raymond - :( Thanks for the friendly reminder Susan lol
Deleted account - Hi Victor, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes 17 years ago, and have had the Psoriasis for 44 ... More »
Mary - I too have Type 2 Diabetes Victor on top Psoriasis and many other health issues lol x
Maurs - Hi victor So sad to hear of your tribulations. I don't have diabetes but do have A F on top o... More »
Mavis - I have a very severe case of scalp psoriasis in that I had to cut my hair due to the plaques thin... More »
Mary - Have a very bad flare up on scalp. I am trying drinking apple cider vinegar in warm water at nigh... More »
Scott - Raw alovera helps when my scalp feels like it's on fire.
Mavis - Hope you feel better soon.
Lela - Thank you Harold. That is so sweet of you...
Janice - Oh Harold what a wonderful thing to do for Lela, I don't know about lifting Lela's spirits, it ce... More »
Mickg48 - I have some Al Jolson as well and love his music well done Harold.

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