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Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Javad! Glad you've found us here. Sorry to see you're feeling sad, maybe now yo... More »
john - welcome to flaym javad, sorry you feel alone, you are sure not here thanks
Susan - Heather no mocking or judgement from me. It's funny though that you say you have no control over... More »
Sarah - I think for me putting the psoriasis in perspective helps a lot. Even when it's bad I try to thin... More »
john - thats a good way of looking at it sarah :)
Michelle - I am glad to hear help will soon be provided for you Marty. How frustrating to have to wait for t... More »
Marty - Thank you, Michelle! It really has been frustrating. Thank you for the recommendation of TGel! I ... More »
Sarah - Keep it up Marty, January is just around the corner 👊
Roxanne - Neutragena TGel shampoo and conditioner.
Michelle - Neutragena TGel for me as well, I get extra strength and it does quite well. Also tea tree oil sh... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Debs64! Lots of people find relief using oil for itch, me personally I use grap... More »
john - i am sorry to hear this savannah,i wish i could wave a magic wand and it wll be gone,please tell ... More »
Maggiec645 - I suffer grom depression abd anxiety. It's worse with my condition I don't understand it and why... More »
Savannah - Thank you all for your kind words and support! Let’s do this..
Sarah - Hey Faulkner, welcome to Flaym! Yep I've had the overnight appearance of massive coverage with gu... More »
Michelle - Hi Tracy, what has helped for me is taking out gluten, dairy, nightshades, sugar. Eating a clean ... More »
Sarah - Hey that's really interesting about whole30 Michelle. I've been reading up on other diets but not... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Maggiec645 🔥
Maggiec645 - Thank you. Its good to have a support system in place.
Victor - I agree with John Maggie steroid use for psoriasis has caused me so really serious issues includi... More »
Michelle - Hi Lauren, Welcome to Flaym. I am sorry to hear you are suffering :( I hope you are able to find ... More »
Joel - Explore the site Lauren, there are a lot of people who have treated there disease with diet and l... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Lauren! Hopefully now that you're connected here with us you will find lots of ... More »
Emma - Hey I didn’t refuse it I was refused by the dermatology staff due to a reaction from the machin... More »
Emma - I am so at breaking long I can’t cope with this and so much lack of sleep and constant pain... fe... More »
john - sorry about this,thats part reason this site is for emma to vent it out aswell as to get some... More »
Josh - Stay positive, you will find a solution
Sarah - The change is yet to come, Line! Psoriasis is such a wax and wane problem, hopefully the "wane" p... More »
Line - Thank you all, you are so sweet❤️❤️
Carol - The fact that you are asking is impressive. He's already got you on his side. He's a lucky chap. ... More »
Renee - That must be terribly
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Yolande! Great to see support like this for loved ones. There is lots of advice... More »
Becki - share your pain Barbie
Sarah - Hey Barbie, glad you found us! Hopefully we can turn your frown upside down 😄
Charles - New here have had psoriasis for almost 4 years
Lynn - So sorry you are down Beth. I know the feeling if missing the ones we love too well, not my husba... More »
Beth - Thank you Lynn, life can be terribly sad and unfair and so wonderful and extraordinary!! 4 months... More »
Susan - Beth little ones do bring us joy. I don't have grandkids yet. I never went through what you did... More »
Susan - Ah will21... You know I don't buy everything on google. I prefer my own knowledge that's in me w... More »
will21 - It's the BBC , it has to be true ;-)
Sarah - Those hair flakes are not easy to hide... when having flare ups on the scalp I found in the past ... More »
Sarah - Hi Sommer. Happy to share my experience but I can't message you if you're not following me.
Martha - Hi Sommer, I’m new to Flaym but I can tell you about my diet change. I’m totally gluten free. It ... More »
Nan195 - Hello Martha, Welcome to Flaym and our wonderful P Family. We are all here to support and help ... More »
Sarah - Hi Line, I see why your status on this post is sad. That is sad to think you are in pain when exp... More »
Line - Hey Sarah, i just moved a while ago, so I have to figure out a lot with new docters ans stuff lik... More »
Sarah - Sounds you've got plans to sort it out though in your new area, that's great. Hope the weekend wi... More »
Carol - I would tell my past self...I cannot control it, but I can try. It's a non stop battle.
Sarah - Hi Andy, welcome to Flaym. You are the age of the number of years I've had psoriasis now! 21 year... More »
Andy - Thank you all for the responses. Really helpful knowing other people do exist with this as selfis... More »
Brian - I do both yoga and meditation. They have helped reduce my stress level a lot
Dickey Reyatt - There is a way to clear it Savannah.
Lucy - So sorry to here you feeling low today. Hope you start feeling a bit more upbeat soon. Some days ... More »
JOHN ,darts vader,join me and together we can flake the galaxy - hello zonnie,you have different types of psoriasis, do you have psoriatic arthritis also ?i do di... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Zonnie! Many of us here at Flaym have a combo of psoriasis types. We're multi-t... More »
Maria - I just want to be able to SLEEP & walk around and stand on my feet for more 30min at time
Harold - Welcome Maria.
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym-ily, Maria! There's lots of posts and info for you to browse here, to find tips ... More »

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