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Jennifer - Psoriasin and bag balm have worked well for me, especially when I wrapped with plastic wrap while... More »
Mavis - Thanks Jennifer I will definitely give it try.
Jennifer - Your welcome, psoriasin has coal tar in it and can be bought at Walmart, bag balm I got from a fe... More »
Kim - Hi Craig. My ex husband always said, " I don't see your skin" and I think that is true for genuin... More »
john - hello craig, i never have had a problem to be honest. i used to date a lot in the past, it never ... More »
Monaka - I don't date any more (got a Husband ) but when we were dating it was just on my knees and it was... More »
valerie - ty Kim, Jennifer, Cheryl, Charmaine, John......i'm ok now, thanks for caring!!....:)
Annette Gill - We all deserve a rant now and again. We all understand. Hope you're feeling a little better
john - thank you valarie, :) :) :)
Nan195 - We have recently had very bad fires in the W Cape that destroyed part of the Garden Route. New ... More »
Psoriatic4good - Hang in there! No stress for You today!!!
john - hello eilish,sorry about this, hope it will get better for you ,try not to stress about it though... More »
Cheryl - It is hard when you feel like this ... try some deep breathing and on every outward breath say to... More »
darren - Chin up lisa - we all have days like it try and stay positive, you look very young to have a 19 y... More »
lisa - thanks darren.I'm 38 on Thursday lol always get told me n my eldest look more like sisters or are... More »
darren - Well what ever your doing is working lol
john - yep . still in the dark ages, it was in the 70s i was a little boy, i remember mothers of childre... More »
Ra11 - Yes I understand Sherry, I was employed in education and there are a lot of backwards people in m... More »
Mariebar - Hey Sherry That's terrible I'm a nurse too unfortunately there is still a lot of fear and lack o... More »
Mickg48 - I've just had an explosion on my face Vaseline takes away the itch but leaves you with a shiny fa... More »
Jamie - I know English very well because I were born in Colorado
john - i am good thanks jamie, nice you like to cheer people up.:)
Psoriatic4good - Everything I know about Colorado is Boulder and the story behind it. And it is awesome (the st... More »
Flaym - Hi Marco - please write posts and comments in English. It's our common community language - even ... More »
Sharon - Stress can play a huge factor
Susan - That's how mine started when I was 7 years old. Took almost 50 years to find a solution...
MartyF - I was going to suggest stress as well. I have noticed I can have a terrible time due to stress, V... More »
Genevieve - Take tumeric with lots of curcumin. And milk thistle and Vitamin D. Get lots of rest. Meditate. T... More »
Alan - Apparently you need gluten free organic cold pressed coconut oil flavoured unicorns with a kale s... More »
Alan - PS. Try to blag a course of light therapy from your doc, and there's a really brilliant spray on ... More »
anujay - it's very embarrassing when others see you and react strangely just coz of ur looks
Ra11 - I use pure organic coconut oil and try to get some sunlight on your skin BEFORE YOU PUT THE COCON... More »
Rinkal - Use Topiscalp on ur scapl it helps a lot
Ra11 - Hi I can't find Topiscalp @rinkal anywhere online, how do you go about getting this stuff? Do you... More »
Gaurav - I know how badly we want to scratch that legions. But don't it will only get worse. Try diverting... More »

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