Community Guidelines

The purpose of Flaym is to enable you to share your thoughts, questions and ideas in a constructive environment. We encourage you to keep a positive and accommodating tone, and we are happy to answer or assist you to the best of our ability.

Product references

To accommodate applicable law, we will delete any post regarding medical products or the effect – positive as well as negative – of a medical product. This procedure is executed regardless of whether the product in question is produced by LEO Pharma or another manufacturer and is done to ensure that no incorrect information about medical products is given to users through Flaym.

Side effects

If your post contains information about a (possible) side effect of a product, we might be obligated to obtain further information from you. We also recommend that you contact your own professional healthcare person regarding your potential side effect.

Medical advice

We appreciate the fact that you aim to help other visitors, but even so, we cannot allow posts containing medical advice on Flaym, due to the potential severe consequences of unverified and insufficient content such advice might have. We would like to highlight, that information found on Flaym must never be used as a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals.


We are here to help you but should you experience an emergency, or have thoughts about self-harm, suicide, or death, you should seek immediate medical help. Flaym does not offer medical advice.

Inappropriate or offensive language

All visitors are encouraged to communicate in a way that contributes constructively and respectfully to the discussions on Flaym. Posts containing offensive or inappropriate language, vulgarity, personal attacks, target of personal, religious, cultural, ethnic, gender – or age specific information will be removed.

Promotional or commercial content

Please be advised, that Flaym should not be used to perform any sort of advertisement. In order to adhere to this praxis, promotional or commercial content referring to products, services, etc., will be removed.

Content judgement

We are not looking to censor your posts, but other content than the above might be removed. This could be a result of irrelevant, undocumented or commercial content in your post, spam, etc. This content judgement is made solely by Flaym.

We strive to always keep this guideline updated with non-allowed content, but please notice that content can at any time be removed by the sole discretion of Flaym. Should you feel that your post has been unrightfully removed, please feel free to contact us at

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