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Susan - I've never done that but would be a nice smell and worth trying. Welcome to the site John. Anot... More »
John - Christa, there is a non alcohol version of artificial vanilla extract available. Make sure it has... More »
Sarah - Hi John, welcome to Flaym! Yes I've read about the links to vanillin, though have never tried it.
Christa - Sometimes the itch get worse with me
Sarah - I've always found that colouring my hair actually improved the p somehow, very odd but true. I st... More »
john - nope, it actually burnt it out for a while, you can see in my photo, i am bald :)
Michelle - Hi Stuart. Looking forward to sharing my experience with you as well and vice versa. You will abs... More »
John - Looking forward to read your experiences.
Sarah - Welcome Stuart, that is indeed very exciting! Love to know more...
Sarah - Hi Magda, I've had really good results using a steroid gel in the ears. The cream form didn't hel... More »
Magda - Thank you so much, I will most definitely going to try it
Sarah - Let us know how you guys get on with it Magda!
Susan - Heather no mocking or judgement from me. It's funny though that you say you have no control over... More »
Sarah - I think for me putting the psoriasis in perspective helps a lot. Even when it's bad I try to thin... More »
john - thats a good way of looking at it sarah :)
Susan - Sarah that's funny. I'm not a flaker, but I am a goofy, flakey, woman. LOL.
Carol - Bless you. I have to he same ingrained acceptance. It's ok. You're not alone.
Michelle - LOL Sarah! Too true!! I find myself doing the same--always such a sigh of relief when we realize ... More »
Tim - I keep my hair shorter because it is easier for me to treat my scalp, but I'm a guy. I would hop... More »
Michelle - Hi Heather, have you ever tried Tgel shampoo? Preferably the extra strength kind. It fixes me up ... More »
Sarah - Hi Heather, welcome to Flaym! I've had scalp p 21 years and have had about every length of hair a... More »
Roxanne - You are very right Savannah we have all got this!
Sarah - Love it Savannah! 👊
Michelle - I Love your positivity Savannah! :D I hope today is a much better day! Wishing you great luck wi... More »
john - yes its because the writer dennis potter had both diseases, he had psa bad i believe, never watch... More »
Ruben - Bond, James Bond :D Indeed not some sorry character, but a strong person. As everyone here!
Jack - I watched a documentary on psoriasis called my skin is on fire . Check it out it was really good ... More »
Lorna Penner - I never slept all night because I was scratching all back and legs--OH..just hate it a... More »
Michelle - Hi Michelle, I find I am the same. I have also found dabbing apple cider vinegar on spots really ... More »
Susan - Jenny I am no doctor, but I think any autoimmune dis-ease can cause anxiety, depression and sleep... More »
Steve - I was strictly a sun tanner till I got on Biologics, summer & tanning helped me a lot .
Lorna Penner - I think salt water swimming pools are good for psoriasis,,but other chemical pools are not.
Becky - For most people the sun and salt water help and improve there psoriasis, howling have you lived i... More »
john - so true, i been here for 10 month or more now and theres always been laughs, i joke about my psor... More »
Michelle - That's wonderful John. To know there are people with ideas, advice and experience are amazing and... More »
john - :) its good here :)
Susan - Very funny Josh!
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Chelle! The perils of laundry with psoriasis. Shake it out!
Maggiec645 - I agree with Sarah. Shake it off or maybe use a dust buster....
melissa - i kindly Ivory lavender body wash.. it does ok it does feel calm you skin.. hope it work on you
Michelle - Ok, so this weekend I have decided to be brave by using the canabis soap. The canabis dries the ... More »
Lynn - Lol @dancing green men. Michelle I just started using the CBDz Hemp oil. That’s apparently used ... More »
Michelle - Hi Tracy, stress is a biggie for me as well. Ive been trying to incorporate mindful meditation in... More »
john - indeed michelle,i did it over 2 months not weeks with elimination,as you get into it you think i... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Tracy! I have p in the same areas as you (and some others too). For the last 3 ... More »
Susan - Bev welcome to the site. You are going to love it here. So many great suggestions from diet/lif... More »
Savannah - Welcome! I have my psoriasis everywhere! However when I first noticed my psoriasis it was in my e... More »
Bev - Thanks Savannah. I have been moisturising more often as someone in this group recommended. I'm a... More »
Sarah - Welcome, Sharon! That's lovely that you think of others who have severe psoriasis, even when gett... More »
Rhonda - What are neck bands?
James - Hi Sharon and welcome. Yes, we all leave bits of ourselves laying around.
john - hello dee, my nails look normal through diet /lifestyle changes,psoriasis is not from the skin bu... More »
john - hopeful, :)
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Dee! Nail psoriasis made me feel very self conscious too but mine was toenails.... More »
Sarah - Hi Lauralie, I think there are studies that connect the incidence of psoriasis with the incidence... More »
Dianne - Ive had a rare cancer.
Michelle - @Diane. Hi there. What cancer did you have?
Michelle - Welcome CarolElaine :) Hope you are doing well and able to find and share many great tips here!
Anita - Welcome to the group hope you find the right doctor real soon. You did to push it more and make t... More »
melissa - Welcome Carol Elaine i "m new here .. i am psorsasis suffered over 20 year ..i am fighting stop... More »

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