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Jannie - You know Christopher I read every ones posts every day and I have come to the conclusion that pso... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I have hear a lot about the dead sea since a child in the early 80s,There was no chance i could h... More »
Justin - I have photographs of me floating and reading a newspaper!
Bev - I'm going to see if I can download it from Amazon
Bev - Yay I bought it. I see he has a few books. I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the reco... More »
Mavis - That sounds really interesting Michelle. Will have to have a look for that
psomom - No I’m applying it with a soaked cotton pad. He hates the smell but likes the results
psomom - Rinsing it off after a half hour.
DINO - Wonderful news!
Rosey - You will be ok Michelle,way lots happing for you,stay positive a nd stay you!
Rosey - Happening,argh wish I had a computer again,can spell sometimes,it will all work out Michelle,believe
Mavis - It will turn out ok Michelle and like Jen said it will give you the extra time to relax and 're-e... More »
Lindakay1948 - I am now In Love with that Vision in the Market makes me smile from ear to ear..
Jane - It was the first time I’d approached someone with P . After such a lovely response I shall do it ... More »
Michelle - Me too. Smiling all the way and my admiration has grown so much for you Jane. It took courage to ... More »
Michelle - Oh no.. sorry to hear this! I hope his recovery can be quick! Hopefully his cuts can stay p free.... More »
Sarah - I don't get psoriasis on cuts psomum...
psomom - Oh that’s great Sarah. Unfortunately he has gotten one before. But at the time we didn’t know wh... More »
Michelle - May be a great idea Bev! I think I will be doing the same!
Madmum007 - ooh, have I started something on here !!! I'll pass on all the information :)
Sarah - Information is the key!
Michelle - This is very interesting. I don't have dry eyes (yet) nor mouth so I hope my immune system is gre... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I think the nose is usually fine Michelle, mine was when i had it bad, i dont get this problem no... More »
Michelle - Thank you. Sounds like I'm all good so far. :)
Kim - Thankyou Sue. I am ok, but like the rest of us, I have my moments with my conditions. You have ... More »
Kim - Hi John. How times have changed! UV as a child. Surely they don't still do that.
john,DARTS VADER - Hello kim, i wouldnt know? i can remember going to the hospital standing in a booth with dark ... More »
Jen - Oh and I forgot pet hair as well. That makes me very very itchy and sneezing.
Millionways - Hi Jean, its hard when they cant figure out what the problem is. Do you think its food or somethi... More »
Millionways - Hi Dale, is something confusing you? Can I help?
john,DARTS VADER - Haha thank you Michelle, i can see the excitement in that Michelle for sure :) i am only joking ... More »
Michelle - Lol. We all get by with what we have. I just want long hair. You're never negative John and I lov... More »
Glenn - I look at myself in the mirror and immediately think " my god man, youre a handsome chap 😂, but s... More »
denise - Worse with age, unfortunately. What started as a few spots on my elbows is now psoriatic arthriti... More »
JODI - definitely worse with age. The flare ups' become so much worse, which I feel could be due to cert... More »
john,DARTS VADER - I thank you for your replies, i am sorry about your hassles with this :)
Jane - I use coal tar shampoo but find it’s not doing much to help my flakes , I really don’t like the s... More »
Jannie - I use coal tar soap and nope no red in them senior highlights
Michelle - My hair used to be plum but I looked like a Casper with a burning head. Love the red color on hair.
Sarah - I still haven't tried Epsom salts Lindakay! I use grapeseed oil for my scalp and it is very sooth... More »
Lindakay1948 - I have found Cheap is great for me too I use ebay a lot seeking all stuff for P and usually with ... More »
Michelle - I'm going to look for the tar soap this weekend. Glad its working for you Lindakay. :)
Atul - Continue t gel for months,I applied on p marks as well
Sarah - I would tend to agree with trying one thing for a while and then seeing what helps. You can find ... More »
psomom - Wow that’s awesome!
Erica - My husband and I met before I was diagnosed, he never once made me feel there was something wrong... More »
Bev - I married the love of my life at 18. We celebrated 46 years this year. Our P only came late in li... More »
Michelle - I am happy to hear that the cream you have is helping! Such a great feeling seeing the redness an... More »
Sarah - Welcome to Flaym, Treena! I've thought about trying bee propolis and got as far as finding some i... More »
Treena - I would say try the propolis capsules. As it works from the inside out. I am 3 days on 2 caps... More »
Clint - I also went through that but my grandma would have you pick a switch from the hedges and swat you... More »
Michelle - haha Clint. Sounds like my gran.
Sarah - I do feel that psoriasis is a disease although I know others do not and I full respect that!
Michelle - Thanks everyone! The bumps have settled, with only one tiny spit remaining. I think lack of sleep... More »
Clint - Yes that can be stressful
Jane - Michelle....Sleep seems the answer to a lot of problems...pleased to hear bumps have gone.
Genevieve - I just saw online that they have special body suits for children with eczema, both to stop the it... More »
Michelle - Oh Genevieve. I know the itch can be bad and frustrating. Have you tried lemon?
Genevieve - Yes, I kinda went overboard with it, putting it on 5, 6 times a day for a few weeks. It inflamed... More »

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