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Mary - Keep your focus on Gods word
TravelRocker - Less than 12 months ago I tried to comit suicide, luckily I failed. Life is precious Jane, psoria... More »
Debakshi - I am with you sista. Going through the exact same shit myself! Experiencing pain, emotional uphea... More »
Marietes - Hi John ..i do work in nursing home too.. Yes I want to have that kind of dispenser stalled in my... More »
Claire - I prefer a pump dispenser in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink and on my desk at work. I've got a... More »
Mary - I never leave house without my itch cream
Emil - Glad sun is helping! How long do you stay in the sun for? Does your body itch after getting burnt... More »
Elizabeth - Enjoy Spain Have u thought of moving. I went to cyprus for 2 years a d was great
Sharla - I clear up almost completely in Mexico too...that's why I try to go annually in December/January...😉
Pat - Shellfish and hay
Kim - That's a new one Pat! Not heard of those before.
Dave - I'd heard about shellfish not being good, never heard of hay though.......
Mickg48 - Hi John I can sympathize with your back pain 2 wks and 3 visits to the osteopath and she has basi... More »
Janice - Look after that back John, try to have some relaxing time.
john - thank you Janice and mick,i am in pain now, work is bad for me haha,the girlfriend wanted me to t... More »
Janice - Hope you start to feel better soon Diane.
Cheryl - Hope you are feeling a bit better now Diane 🌸
Pat - that is one way to look at it. I have COPD too and a few other things. Just try to take it in s... More »
Mariebar - Hi John yes my comment on your other post was for you . I know the hairdressing issue is a proble... More »
john - I see, its a way to travel for a haircut but, I can understand that,,all hairdressers should kno... More »
Cheryl - The last lady who cut my hair was fantastic.. even in saying that .. I need another cut but I'm ... More »
john - oh dear,no one wants to think about that dave haha :)
john - my ex used to have a king Charles spaniel,very licky dog,he used to love licking between my toes ... More »
Kim - Oh yuk John!!!!
Nan195 - P.S. Diprosalic Ointment has cleared my two patches, just to keep it like this xo
Liz - Romansh Hi ask if you can have a a test for it 😊
Dave - Hi Jacqueline, hope you are ok more to the point.. all good here, bit of back ache, nothing maj... More »
Jullie - Have a good weekend my friends🌞😀🙂
john - and you nan 195, have a great one and enjoy your date susan,hope it s a good one :)
Cindy - Hi nan, happy weekend to you also, and very well said!!
Cheryl - I am sure you will get some good tips here Amaal. We all have something in common so you know you... More »
Ronnah - Hello Amaal.....I get you 100%. I felt like it ruined my life as well. The awesome thing is that ... More »
Nisha - Oh Amaal. I have had Psoriasis since 14 now 49 it's awful. Terrible horrible traumatic but there ... More »
Lorna Penner - Hi Diane,,I had doctors appt yesterday and he put me on anti-biotics for my foot,,and I asked him... More »
Diane - I buy my hemp oil from flora&fauna, a company selling ethically sustainable products which I love... More »
Mickg48 - That sounds positive ha ha I've never thought about what it looks like except horrible.
Karan - Have some probiotics and turmeric hope it works well
Emil - Alcohol was the HARDEST thing for me to give up. Haven't had a sip of anything for 1 and a half y... More »
Kim - I don't have that problem with alcohol. It doesn't make me itch at all. If I have overdone it the... More »
john - skin can get itchy through the healing process,when its clearing . I have experienced this enough... More »
Cindy - Thankyou john, 75% clear for me is a miracle I have skin in places I never knew existed before l... More »
Mary - I have no life to change. Except carbs maybe
Karan - Hi 👋 dear I have psoriasis for 15 or more I stoped counted and just start hoping that a permanent... More »
Maggie - Hi Michelle! I'm 13 and I have had it for two years! You have nothing to worry about! There are s... More »
Sarah - Hi I'm 20 years in to my psoriasis history and can only day the thing just comes and goes, waxes ... More »
Kim - Hi Mike. I have also just read your bio. I am very happy to see that although you deal in remedie... More »
Annette Gill - Hi I had infantile eczema then contact dermatitis. It wasn't until I had to go onto steroids for... More »
Mike - Wow! Thank you all for sharing.
Cindy - Sorry Kim, I hope you do not have to go through this any more, it's bad enough having to once but... More »
Kim - Thank you Cindy.
Mary - Never been in a tanning bed
john - good evening susan,glad the smoke is clearing and hope the 80th celebration was a good one :) no... More »
agb - Thank you. Enjoy his birthday.
Sharon (Sherry) - Has been a busy day... went grocery shopping, then home to wash and package up fruits and meat an... More »
Diana - Hi John please send me your list of everything you have cut out if your life, your diet.
john - hello diane, I have emailed you a list here of what I do and don't do , I wish you well thanks :)
john - sorry Diana ,:)
Janice - I only use E45 for eczema and fungal infections, I swear by Cetraben and a good soak in Epsom salts.
Mandy - Thank you all so much for your advice ive stopped using the e45 cream and am trying the Aveeno fi... More »
Liz - Mandy that Aveeno is also good I usd it too cetraben you can wash with etc so use both I do

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