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Otto_M_Moon - While most people know that nicotine can be found in tobacco, low levels of the compound can be f... More »
Susan - Otto I did not know this. Very cool indeed. I love all the night shade vegetables. Not really ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - easy way to find out , if tomatoes seem to be a trigger, wait till it passes and smoke a cigarett... More »
John - Congratulations!
Roxanne - Good for you Victor.
Susan - Victor can you please message me the name of the biologic. This fellow up the street has psorias... More »
Lorna Penner - I never slept all night because I was scratching all night...my back and legs--OH..just hate it a... More »
Michelle - Hi Michelle, I find I am the same. I have also found dabbing apple cider vinegar on spots really ... More »
Susan - Jenny I am no doctor, but I think any autoimmune dis-ease can cause anxiety, depression and sleep... More »
Otto_M_Moon - we have taco bell in the US John...lol but mmm garlic ;-) btw sent you a friend request on FB
john - thats great will thanks, friendship accepted :)
Nan195 - Flaxseeds have Omega3 and are good for the colon lining 🌹
melissa - i kindly Ivory lavender body wash.. it does ok it does feel calm you skin.. hope it work on you
Michelle - Ok, so this weekend I have decided to be brave by using the canabis soap. The canabis dries the ... More »
Lynn - Lol @dancing green men. Michelle I just started using the CBDz Hemp oil. That’s apparently used ... More »
john - so true, i been here for 10 month or more now and theres always been laughs, i joke about my psor... More »
Michelle - That's wonderful John. To know there are people with ideas, advice and experience are amazing and... More »
john - :) its good here :)
Susan - Michelle you go girl!!! Being reminded of how we DON'T want to live is a good thing. We all are... More »
Shane - Nice thanks for the info:) thats great news
Michelle - Thanks Shane! I feel the Omega 3 High EPA is really helping tremendously! I hope you are well! ... More »
Michelle - Fantastic John!! 😃
Otto_M_Moon - Maggie Lizard cream is a Englishmen's way of saying Johnson's wax
Susan - Wow john... Good news. OMGoodness you all... Just had the most fun reading all your comments... ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - I lost two stones just by breaking up plaques , no diet change, no real change in exercise except... More »
john,darts vader - sound great that you have improvement will21 great news, sorry you didnt want to lose weight tho... More »
Otto_M_Moon - Improvements ? lol I bet my 16yo grandson in a range of motion contest , I'm 63 he should of won
James - Lisa, I PMd you.
Mark - Hi I have put Susan's information into a Word document if that's easier to read for some of you o... More »
Bev - Hi Mark Could you send me the word document please
Roxanne - Sure Susan .Send me the info.
Marty - I am very interested in this! Could you please send me the info?
Susan - Marty I can't send it to you as there is no way to private message you. Not sure why? If you pr... More »
Michelle - ohhhhh Susan & James!! Yes!! That sounds great!! Never thought about making a stock with it! Sara... More »
James - John, I always season with a little salt. After that would depend what I'm eating it with. Talkin... More »
john - thank you james, yes i was thinking of looking into rock salt, as i dont eat much salt at near no... More »
Jennifer - Awesome sarah! I actually wore a sleeveless dress without stockings to my works Christmas party l... More »
Michelle - That is really great Sarah. I have found myself being able to talk to others easier lately as wel... More »
Michelle - Well done Sarah. The more people know about psoriasis the better. @Jennifer - That is awesome n... More »
James - Go to YouTube and type in Samuel L Jackson Lullaby.
Sarah - That is beautiful
Susan - OMGoodness James. That video with Samuel L. Jackson is absolutely HILARIOUS! If any parent is h... More »
Beth - Feel better!!
Otto_M_Moon - Lucy , You will more than likely have to contact them to find out about the culture growth , as... More »
Michelle - I hope you are feeling better soon Lucy!
Christa - Sometimes the itch get worse with me
Sarah - I've always found that colouring my hair actually improved the p somehow, very odd but true. I st... More »
john - nope, it actually burnt it out for a while, you can see in my photo, i am bald :)
john,darts vader - ,tooo early isnt it mind, i used to do that on holiday ,far too early drinking from 9am to 3 am ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - John, do they still closes pubs after lunch till dinner time and are they open to 2am now like he... More »
john,darts vader - pubs are normally closed by11.30pm, last orders at 11pm,some pubs are open during the day from 10... More »
Nan195 - Hi Everyone, Loving ourselves is easy, we are very special, amazing people with hearts of gold a... More »
Michelle - I agree with you Nan. Loving oneself will make us happier and we will accept our condition. With ... More »
Susan - Shout it out there Nan! WTG! Loving ourselves is a process of acceptance. You are right Nan...... More »
Lorna Penner - I just checked out the benefits of Epsom salts and there are so many health benefits for cancer p... More »
Michelle - Hi Diane, wishing uou great luck in hoping your new treatment plan will give you some relief! ❤
Susan - Diane I sure hope it works and it works quick. Would be a great gift for Christmas... I remember... More »
James - We don't have those kind of roads here really. The coast roads in my area do have their own uniqu... More »
Otto_M_Moon - we got our twisty mountain roads here, no coastline. I did enjoy blasting up Hiway 1 near Morro ... More »
Otto_M_Moon - John missed your message. no lung problems at all now no wheezing , no shortness of breath even ... More »

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