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Jasmine - Anxiety has been something that has dominated me since I got my first showing of it when I was 19... More »
Dave - Good to read you are getting back to normal Jasmine. It isn't easy, nothing worth having ever is.... More »
Marietes - Sue .so sorry to hear that,.i am cover of p all over too .i was thinking of killing my self too @... More »
Paul - Btw...last night ..I slept all night again :D This stuff is amazing Psoriasin...go out and get s... More »
Nan195 - Hi Paul, welcome to this amazing Site where you will find answers, advice and communicate with th... More »
Paul - Thanks Nan ) I already am in fact
Dave - My lot just bounced well!
Jeri - MishLyn, I am so sorry this has happened to you and to your son. You already know about coconut o... More »
colleen - Good Morning, How is your son today ?
Angela - Wash with dermol 500 then plenty of hydromol cream then wear cotton or silk gloves 😃
Jayne - try an antihistamine before you go to bed
Darceyjayne - Have you tried wearing mittens or gloves when you sleep? I know it sounds stupid but I find it re... More »
Maria Corazon - Susan where can I buy this Moringa how to use it.
Diane - Interesting. I have one growing on my heel. I never imagined for one moment it possibly could hav... More »
john - hello maria, you can find it on ebay,must be pure by 100% pure :)
Gina - Feel better John
Lucy - Feel better soon john. Sending positive vibes to you. We will let you off for smelling. Just this... More »
john - thank you mishlyn,charmaine,gina and lucy and all,lucy wasnt nice not washing for 2 days luckily,... More »
Gina - Yes I think that would be awesome. After all we need our own Spa LOL
Darceyjayne - Sounds like a great Idea! My partner gets a lot of pain in his shoulders but is too embarrassed t... More »
Cc - I would like to say that would work, but the fact is that those with psoriasis patches that bleed... More »
MishLyn - Thank you so so much everyone 💖 it has been a long stressful day. Good news is no meningitis or e... More »
Ruby - 🙏❤️
Sarah - Sending wishes to you MishLyn xxx
Buhle - You're welcome 😊 I'm happy if you're happy brother:)
Sarah - Been thinking of you, John!
Tim - I'm always amazed when medical professionals ask me about my psoriasis. So many in the dark abou... More »
MishLyn - I am a Taurus as well 💖
Charmaine - Scorpio.
Cc - Same as you. Scorpeeeyo! We rock!
john - doctors and derms do not treat the route cause of psoriasis just symptoms,that is their job,one d... More »
Ingrid - Yes there is a medication that works, cannabis !! Flaym...do some reseach !
john - hello ingrid,quite a few people say that cannabis works, i may make abig spliff tonight then i ma... More »
Dave - Good for you Sarah, nice to have an open convo about it, shows people accept it for what it is...... More »
Brian - I drink turmeric with ginger. Good tea
john - great news, its good to educate aswell then clear skins will react better to psoriatic people whe... More »
Sarah - I find it fascinating this debate! In my own mind I feel that it is sometimes different how you c... More »
john - gos back to , its just a skin disease in most people eyes out there sarah, i do understand what y... More »
Nan195 - Not a disability for me but a condition that shows up occasionally. Everyone have a happy Thursd... More »
Lucifer - Bleach baths are great. Its so diluted, its like being in a chlorinated pool. Works wonders for m... More »
Rosanna - I don't think I could do the bleach bath, guess it would depend on how desperate I felt. I have ... More »
Nan195 - Bleach causes a flare up of my P Jack as well as any detergents. I add coconut oil to my sensiti... More »
Susan - Carrie the longer you are on the site the more confidence you will get and I do believe eventuall... More »
Dennis - Why are you sad
SUE - No not sad you become a shame of your psoriasis you hide, I to did this ever go to far from the f... More »
john - the answer is to me, love yourself and people will love you,i am glad you are confident in yours... More »
Charmaine - Doubt it Nuggets
Kathie Lukas - See if you are facing psoriasis problem then I can suggest you a product which I use on daily bas... More »
Susan - John I'm really hopeful that the aloe vera will work. It's not a costly thing and way less costl... More »
Susan - Moya the thing about the UVB light is that it does work. It did for me years ago. I still have ... More »
john - i will do susan,so far so good, only been one day so, i hope it looks better by next week instead... More »
Lucy - You can do this. I couldn’t the more I think about it the more I do it. I’ll get there one day I’... More »
Julie - A no itch stArt, so very happy for you! More to come your way, i hope. We all deserve a break ... More »
Chris - So far so good 😊
Jacqueline - Hey Dave & Susan - you can call me Ambassador Bean now heh heh 😝
Dave - Welcome aboard Ambassador Bean, lol...😉🤣 many thanks Flaym 👍🏻
Susan - Jacqueline, welcome to the high rollers club. LOL...
Guy - That’s my biggest problem!
Cassierose - Hey Susan. Whenever I go on holiday I spend a lot of time in the sea and it clears my skin up qui... More »
معاذ - مرحبا

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