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john,AQUA MAN - Hope you dont lose your hair Michelle :)
Rosey - Naa only stress and harsh p drugs make u lose hair and Michelle good
Johan - Wig will make your head itch i think
john,AQUA MAN - Yes , i get my moneys worth Michellle,I will have that gluten/wheat filled greasy blob for lunch ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Hahaha Rosey lol,Well if myself and Michelle got together to wed,2 flakes can join as one, hmm... More »
Rosey - All weddings need planning I feel I have just scratched the surface 😀
Michelle - I wish it will get to an end this side. I haven't had any where I live (yet) but the towns are a ... More »
Julie - I only drink filtered water.
Clint - I drink water every day 😊 I just pass mine through some good coffee beans but plastic is a proble... More »
Susan - I love pineapple. My skin doesn't get itchy but my lips and mouth sure do.
Ed - Rum is not good for p ? Darn I love rum.
Michelle - I will thank you John. I've never tried raw beetroot Justin. I love beetroot and can eat it wit... More »
Michelle - Hi Peet and welcome to Flaym. Thank you and to you too!
Bev - Welcome to Flaym Peet. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a flake free New Year
john,AQUA MAN - Welcome to Flaym Peet, LET SNOW LET SNOW lalalala, lalala hahaha ,Feel free to flake through the ... More »
Michelle - Thank you Ellen. I will keep the shampoo in mind. Denorex is not a strong shampoo but I do hope i... More »
Julia - The shampoo is called Selsum coat tar and salicitic acid.
Michelle - Hey Julia. I thought I followed you many years ago already and now I see I haven't. lol. We have ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thanks Michelle, yes life is good :)
Clint - Try uncured bacon no nitrates . If you stop eating beef any symptoms go away so the trick is to l... More »
Michelle - sounds nice Clint and yes true, limit the certain food to once a week. It does help. The good and... More »
Linda - You sound like you are doing well figuring out what affects you which is a major step forward! 👍
Michelle - John, I know my P would disappear if I start using cortisone. For the long term P on my ankles bu... More »
Bev - That sounds like a Spur meal Michelle Yum. I know what you mean Julie. If something agrees with m... More »
Michelle - True Clint. We should stay happy and not let P stress us out. I still use lemon when I get flakes.
Clint - Lemon 🍋 flakes...LOL 😁
Julie - Think positive and focus on good things.
Bev - Me too but if I moisturise twice a day it helps a lot. Sometimes more often
Rosey - Olive oil ,just a few drops inside ear,works wonders and Vaseline or oil coconut,hemp,olive aroun... More »
Michelle - True Bev, moisturising does help. If I don't, my skin becomes dry and cracks. Rosey, I've heard... More »
john,AQUA MAN - I eat raw onions , does help, loaded with vitamin C,I am getting better today so tomorrow i will ... More »
Clint - Had that for ten days fizzy cold and flu drink for me had chills for a week then lost taste buds ... More »
Michelle - I'm glad you're feeling better now Clint. I have never lost taste buds when having the flu. That ... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Dosing up again now with vit D as i was since a week ago i ran out and now got a few bottles to k... More »
Michelle - John let us know how the Liverel is going then. It sounds good. :)
john,AQUA MAN - I will do Michelle, i have done a lot of of experimentations with stuff over the past 2 years no... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Hello i did marlene when arthritis first abrupted but i think it subsided years ago?i had proble... More »
Susan - I struggled with it as well for years. Although, like John, mine acts up, seems the only issue n... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Thats deformity of the spine Susan? sorry about this
Michelle - You are all so wonderful. Thank you so much. I'm blessed to be part of this Flayming family. Been... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Michelle, :) I am very pleased for you :) :)Yes, i have this lady in my life ,just need to be to... More »
Michelle - Wishes do come true John. I prefer to work over Christmas as well. Less stress and you get more... More »
john,AQUA MAN - Your welcome Cass :)
nikdm - I haven’t hit it but I have mostly cured my nail P with tea tree essential oil. Works like magic,... More »
Cass - Thank you for sharing! :)
bernadette - Yes but I get mesh highlights the colour goes on the mesh not scalp
john, Psoriasis Terminator - oooh, i wouldnt know about that one Bernadette, I used to just pour the colour in my hair years ago,
Julia - Yes I get my hair colored usually does not sting you could try a semi permanent color that does n... More »
Ellen - I have vicious night sweats & day sweats ...no change in P... in fact P came a few years after I ... More »
deborah - I went through menopause symptom free also, but it was about that time that my P started...
Clint - The key there is sweating out toxins and again that's where lemon 🍋 helps both combined are a win... More »
Bev - My hubby has been putting it on his tongue and his joints are feeling much better
Michelle - Wonderful Bev. I've read that its best to do it that way as your tongue is the most dirtiest thin... More »
Rosey - Well been putting it all over but not yet had a,swig as it's pure oil,so but hard to get my head ... More »
Michelle - I've never had scalp P that bad. I used to get a few spots only but not bad enough to look like d... More »
deborah - some lemon with coconut or olive oil might help. It's messy and you'll have to shampoo after.
john,AQUA MAN - Hello nikdm, if you are new here welcome to flaym,Pulling it out sorts mine out but not advised, ... More »
Jen - Hi Julie the only place I can get it here is Chemist Warehouse. Try online maybe. Good luck.
Michelle - Sorry to hear Julie. Since I've changed my diet a year ago, my PsA got better. I drink my turmeri... More »

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