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Madmum007 - Hi Sarah. Lucky you !!! My GP has tried 2 different Vit D creams on me, neither worked :( Bla... More »
Alan - hi good morning has anybody tried chickweed on their p ive told its good for it i went to a herba... More »
Bev - Summer has arrived in Cape Town so my hubby is getting his Vit D everyday again. Hopefully the s... More »
John, THE HULK - Thank you Julia , i go leave uk today at midday get to my destination tomorrow afternoon ,long j... More »
psomom - Have an excellent vacation John!
Rosey - You have a great break John, enjoy ,look forward to tommorrow
Dianne - Hi Bren: Not to worry - there are rude idiots everywhere. Just to say I manage my psoriasis by... More »
Dianne - Not to worry - there are many rude ignorant idiots everywhere i this world. How do I tackle psor... More »
Alan - do not worry what people think if you feel you want to ware shorts you go a head and ware
Bev - Glad it went well James. I hope the UV works for you. Let us know how it goes
Sarah - Oh no James, your GP may not have been wrong (but could have been!) All I mean is guttate can tur... More »
James - They've always been bigger than pinprick, maybe the size of a ten pence piece. They absolutely li... More »
Lou - My P is doing ok these days.
Rachel - Yeah its the same for me Peter. My eye floaters are new so theyve been more of a bother than my s... More »
Lou - Hey all! For those of us that have scalp involved with p what do u use to treat it?
John, THE HULK - I know the feeling line, we want it gone and thats it ,I say if one uses a steroid then use one t... More »
Honey - Yea, I used it too when I'm desperate like if my Pso are in their worst case. Just don't use it r... More »
Alan - the steroid cream i use is dovobet gel its not good to use always so i am trying new things from ... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Linda, no i dont anymore, alcohol like spirits can turn it to pain in the fingers mainly, i... More »
Ellen - What are you doing on World Psoriasis Day? Each year, the 125 million people around the world li... More »
John, THE HULK - ?Hello Ellen , i am at work that day ,just get back for my holiday :) Oh yes, psoriasis can have ... More »
Bev - So glad it's working for you Sarah 👏
Susan - Synthetic vitamins?🤔 might want to google them. Main reason I switched to Moringa. Real plant and... More »
Clint - Be happy do the best you can you can learn ways to save on items you like good luck 🍀
Jasmin - Keep fighting Rosey. As you said, you have four adult children and two grandkids. They are your s... More »
Rosey - Thank u Jasmin,and opps John u said quality of life,well pain would go maybe but won't live as lo... More »
Bev - Soooo happy for you Michelle and John. Couldn't be more deserved than you two. Love is in the air... More »
John, THE HULK - Thank you Bev :) :)
Sarah - Lovely news Michelle!
Gino - Last year I completely eliminated alcohol, sugar, and processed foods. I have only been eating fo... More »
Chel - Yea I have I drink a lot more water and less red meat
Sarah - Me too! 8 months Keto, feeling brilliant 😊
Sarah - Love it!
Susan - Yum. I love it. Aye it wit bratwurst just last night.
Madmum007 - Love, Love, Love sauerkraut, a little of what you fancy does you good
psomom - I went on YouTube and “how to cure scalp psoriasis naturally” found a good video by Lamblike. We... More »
Jasmin - oh, i forgot to mention that I was diagnosed of Scalp prior to my Guttate. I've been living with ... More »
psomom - Sorry to hear that. I hope you find something that does.
Susan - Might be a great opportunity to show your skin and let them know you’re not contagious. That’s wh... More »
Sonia - I get that all the time! … especially on hotter days when people are wearing shorts and tank tops... More »
Susan - Hey. What if you try a probiotic with an omega at night. I did that when I was into an MLM compan... More »
Madmum007 - I have been known to sleep with thick gloves on, so when I scratch it's more like a stroke (like ... More »
James - Vaseline spray in moisturiser. Keep it in the fridge then spray all affected areas before you go ... More »
John, THE HULK - Hello Gino, not for me personally but i have been here for near 2 years now and i hear great resu... More »
Julia - Yes I have and it is very frustrating
Rosey - Sun doesn't help ,when it's out I sure get some rays,humidity effects me and skin,going to be a h... More »
Rosey - And why are you now The Hulk ,John,a man of many costumes,dont tell me you have turned green? Haha
John, THE HULK - Hahaha Rosey nooo, i turn spotty and flakey, Dont make me angry, you wont like me when i am angr... More »
John, THE HULK - What i do Erica, i take it one or a few flakes at a time in the winter ,glad trials been okay :)... More »
Erica - Thank you John, appreciate it. 10 months into the trial and still happy.
psomom - That’s great. Would love to know what that trial is!
Dakeyras - Recently became aware of a different treatment via work colleague, that actually worked for mysel... More »

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