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Michelle - Hope your first day back is going great Million? Weather sounds great to me all over the world. W... More »
Millionways - I am fine. It’s okay to be back in to the rhithm. Only priorities this week. Next week will be fu... More »
Clint - Thank you African Queen
Sarah - Thanks all. The turmeric tea, which I have been drinking double of has been awesome in getting ri... More »
Linda - Great news Sarah! I bought some turmeric root because I could not find the tea how should I use it?
Jen - Hi Linda you could slice it or grate it. Cook it up for a bit. Add some black pepper. Strain and ... More »
Julia - Brilliant tell me what you did with the lemons
IDA - I would like to know also. I do drink lemon w/water every morning no big miracle.
Clint - Cut a lemon 🍋 rub it on affected areas leave on until you shower 🚿 then repeat 🔁 daily take a da... More »
Md - I also used steroid, it did not harm my skin, that is not produced by pharmaceutical company, one... More »
Md - My steroid also have Moringa oil, licorice oil, fermented extract of leaves of shell ginger, mac... More »
Sarah - Lemons were like this for me!
Gloria - Psoriasis is a condition I have, it does not define me nor it controls me. You learn to live with... More »
Erica - Act immediately, don't let it get out of hand. Learn as much as possible about the disease, talk ... More »
Flakey - One thing after reading some comments I really want to stress... I have had Psoriasis for over 30... More »
Susan - Yes Michelle. Mine is pretty much ground powder Moringa. Not all Moringa is the same. Capsule and... More »
Michelle - Sounds great Susan. I only take one multi vit in the morning, much better than having all these b... More »
Sarah - Sounds interesting, may have to watch!
Jen - Great Darren that's fantastic. Makes you feel good doesn't it. I believe that exercise is very im... More »
Michelle - Sounds great Darren and I'm happy for you. One needs to watch the weight as well. Our P dont like... More »
Sarah - Oo what is liveral? Will have a look... That's amazing news Darren!
john,DARTS VADER - So true Kim ,balance is what ones needs then its okay to let ones hair down a bit, i do :)
Michelle - I'm a wine lover too Kim. I love Shiraz/merlot, Dry red and it does nothing to my P.
Kim - We are the lucky ones Michelle. I can't touch White wine but Rose' is fine.
Dakeyras - Good for you Dave!
James - I'm on the list, fingers crossed I have your success.
Bev - Good Luck James
Michelle - I hope you feel better soon Rosey :)
Rosey - Been 2 years but got to keep trying,am Sue,but changed name and pic as found out all was out ther... More »
Michelle - You picked a good name. Glad you're still with us Rosey. Xxx
Jen - Sorry Chris you've lost me.
Michelle - Chris, this is so interesting thank you. So, what will happen if we do not have a uvula? Can't so... More »
chris - Ok - just back from working with guys who have PTSD in Canada. Went to test a mechanical theory w... More »
James - You might be on to something Michelle, in Game of Thrones, at the centre of the banner of the Bo... More »
Michelle - Thats right James! Terrible way to torture someone. Love that series. :)
Sarah - I think maybe to me it is to do with the burning sensation under the skin!
Sarah - Argh James I so hope it doesn't happen to you. In my case, my forearm guttate went away after abo... More »
Linda - Wow. That is interesting, hope you can bounce back really fast!
Linda - Yeah it is darn scary!
Rosey - Jannie I see penisis ,mm think I've been single too long
Jannie - Rosey it is a floral penis cushion . I have sold and painted many. I don't have one in my house.
Rosey - Cool,I want one!
Linda - I had a bit of a flare not sure if it is P or an allergy
Bev - That's good news Sarah.
Justin - I was advised recently that if your Psoriasis has emerged on your elbows and knees, every night J... More »
Justin - I put freshly squeezed juice with tomato juice to make a tomato slurry, then store the skin. Wha... More »
Julia - Let us know if it works.
psomom - Good to note about the face and UV. New spots a cropping up all over. I was feeling like we were ... More »
john,DARTS VADER - Sounds good psomom, i hope your son will get good results from diet/lifestyle changes, it does ta... More »
Michelle - Psomim, sorry to hear about this and you're doing a great job by not panicking. Think back what y... More »
JODI - thank you Michelle :) :) :) will keep you guys updated .
Michelle - Marmara, have patience and you'll see. Sarah@sarahuk is our food elimination queen on Flaym, mayb... More »
Sarah - Mine builds up long term. I don't really get many instant reactions from stuff, as I have learned... More »
Rosey - Do a search here as lots of helpful tips for ear psoriasis
Sarah - My nan always said olive oil!
Madmum007 - Millionways where are you getting Triancinolone acetonide with acetic acid eardrops from?
Rosey - Nice to spend time with family bet you had a wonderful relaxing time,welcome back
Ellen - I am battling with a few flare ups... guttate on my bum cheek , inverse under my boob & on the cr... More »
Sarah - Glad you had a fab time Ellen! My holiday coincided with a flare too. Psoriasis doesn't want to l... More »

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