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Clint - Try a sweet tea and lemonade 🍋 half and half .
Linda - Enjoy the Easter Holidays Clint, best wishes for a fun relaxing time! 😁
Bev - Happy Easter to you and all the lovely people on this site too
Rosey - I'll go to neurologist,am over the nerve damage pain and it was so bad last week, hoping it's no... More »
Linda - Hope you get some good advice to help you out Rosey! Hang in there!
jessica - I use aveeno, it helps loads x
Apolonia - Hello, I feel your pain :( I encourage you to try Juice Plus. I’ve has severe plaque psoriasi... More »
Joy - I can relate. Hand and feet are the wirst
Chrisb - same here Rosey I got great new battery one and grabbed it everytime I saw a flake !
James - It showed me who my true friends were.
Clint - You guys need a Roomba
Sid - as a certain little blue fish says...'Just keep swimmin', just keep swimmin'....'
Linda - Sounds good Rosy!
Rosey - Still hasn't come back ,so not taking it ,reset body maybe, so good to be free of psorioas, still... More »
Darlene - Jillimac, this is Darlene,would like more info on the site u found
Jill - This site here won't allow my post...do not know how to send to you ...if you know how let me know..
Jill - Maybe you can private message me if you know how, I am not sure how it works...
Bev - Hi Rudee, which herbs do you use?
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Sounds good Rudee,Be interested to hear more on this from you , If you wish to share? There is ma... More »
Rudee - In Europe dont accept some herb in Thailand because we eat by boiler .
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - Haha say what you like with reason lol :)
Linda - Too funny Rosy! 👍
Clint - Are you sure your not from New Jersey 😎 LOL 😁
Jen - Hi Deb yes I have. Shampoo etc and scalp cream. I swore by it for 6 months until It didn't work a... More »
Deb - Thanks, I'm up for soothing at the moment!
Jill - I do not think we are supposed to post sites here...Research vitamin D, vitaminn K2 and Magnesium... More »
Rosey - Ok have heard of that B4 ,some might have put themselves in remission by doing that
Janice - Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in a very long time, I am sorry to say, sometimes other thing... More »
Rosey - Hope all works out for you,like you need to deal with psrioasis after an operation ,trauma to bo... More »
James - Even without infection it’s not unusual to get plaque over a healed wound area. I was originally ... More »
Martin - So far as I can tell I haven't had any issues in training. I've done a lot of grappling and it do... More »
Daniel - Hi Martin. I do jiu jitsu and at times I can be peeling all over the place on the gym matts
Martin - I haven't noticed anything like that yet. I work in a fabrication facility so I end up having a g... More »
Jenny - I decided against exposing my face and have a vitamin D cream to put on my forehead . Will updat... More »
Jenny - Well it’s now 3 weeks since finishing the UVB treatment . It worked quite well at first but could... More »
Jenny - Any ideas how I upload the photo ? Have tried copy and paste but doesn’t work !!
James - Do you have stuff you can do to destress, even for a while? I’m fairly stress free right now but ... More »
Ellen - Michelle is the FootWorks from Justine...I used to use it too but now I just use Organic Coconut ... More »
Michelle - Hi Ellen. I bought mine at Dischem. I don't use Justine's products as most of it are scented. Coc... More »
Ann - Hi Michelle Is this product available in Canada. My feet get very dry and crack, I just need ... More »
Rosey - Well hopefully the o pill will work I'm on the worst pill named m and working if this fails no m... More »
Michelle - Hi Jon. Welcome to Flaym. This is a great site to connect with fellow Flaymers. Feel free to ask ... More »
Ellen - Hi toe nail sufferers.. I have nail P ... I soak my feet in hot water with Bicarb & Apple cider v... More »
Michelle - Send me your email address xxx
Lindakay1948 - best advice for me was Epsom salts thank you all but when I am bleeding no way can I use the sa... More »
john,FLAKES TO BEAM UP - yes i get small spots on the top my feet aswell as anywhere else though never on my soles or palm... More »
Sarah - Same here John
Ann - I have cracks on the bottom of my feet. Very painful, just try to keep them moisturized. Seems t... More »

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