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Ava - PS: I've now shared the above experience with most who have posted within the past month, becaus... More »
Rosey - That's different than what we suffer, gone gluten free, but celiac a different thing, sometimes i... More »
Ava - Rosie, autoimmune diseases tend to clump together. One may have several at a time. From what th... More »
Sarah - I think there’s definitely a correlation Steve. I read a clinical study about it once, started ta... More »
Rosey - Only one Dr tested but d level, I was low but he didn't bother to tell me how to get it up lol
Ava - Good for you, Steve! I believe D3 is key. Since taking D3 with magnesium and K2, my psoriasis h... More »
Kay - Hey, not sure about clearing it up quickly. Break outs and psor in general need time to heal with... More »
James - Soft white parafin will soften plaques asap but you might need a steroid for the underlaying redn... More »
Ava - If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't... More »
Rosey - Yayyy, my toenails are white, thick and brittle all at once, but that's OK, they are only toes, h... More »
Michelle - Fantastic news Steve. Well done. I'm happy for you :)
john,Chewweeeeee - Good news Steve,I used to have those over 2 years ago but since i changed my lifestyle, no ugly n... More »
James - Have you tried cutting out the nightshade plants Lindsay, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers are the ... More »
Jen - Acv, kefir and kombucha are all high histamine. If you read through and follow the advice given... More »
Ava - If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease, do consider it, as damaged intestines can't... More »
Michelle - Hi Sarah and welcome to Flaym. I agree with Peter and James. Since I cut nightshades out of my d... More »
Peter - also turmeric with black pepper can help with the inflammation and take a good pre and probiotic ... More »
Ava - Gluten has proved to be the culprit for me. If you haven't had the blood test for celiac disease,... More »
Deleted account - You should take 1000 mg of fish oil everyday. This fish oil contains omega-3 which can overcome t... More »
ceeyonce - Vitamin E pills on your scalp is one. Also if you have any specific. Breakouts. Puncture one pill... More »
Kathy - Try large dose of Vitamin D---5000. Might help. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and was told ... More »
Varoon - Hi Michelle! I'm doing very well now, thanks. How are you doing? Now my psoriasis is all but go... More »
Michelle - I am well thank you Varoon 😊 I am happy to hear that your lesions are very small when they appear... More »
Margo - How long did it take to see an improvement with eliminating gluten, dairy, nightshades and red me... More »
Jenna Kay - Inverse psoriasis is awful. So much more painful for me.
Jenna Kay - I've found that wearing really baggy clothing helps a ton! as well as making sure I wipe it down ... More »
erick - elimination diet is the only thing that worked for me, hope it works for you too
Michelle - I hope the elimination diet worked well for you Jake! Very interesting about the mold, I have not... More »
erick - All nightshade foods, the most common being tomatoes, potatoes (yam is ok), all peppers except bl... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello erick, i am on diet,most of it and i am getting results,its not easy though,2 litres of bo... More »
Dot Roux - Hi there Eric, can you tell me more about the elimination diet?
witnessy - in 90% of the cases its heredatery(My grandma had it,my dad had it,my son only when he is stresse... More »
Maggie - I think there's some truth to this, Bob. I had a relapse when I felt trapped between a rock and a... More »
Bob - In response to Witnessy's claim that 90% of psoriasis is hereditary, is not true. In only one-th... More »
Maggie - why did you stop the gluten free diet?
Linda Kay - I've been Gluten free for nine months. It might be helping so that is why I am staying with it. I... More »
Amy Lyons - My dermatologist said it's not necessary to stop gluten if your not actually allergic.
loretta - Hello my name Loretta, I have psoriasis on my hands, back, and real bad on my feet nothing help.
Izzy - It's not a life threatening problem.
Needyou - thank u so much for your responses .
Needyou - What about for whey protein ? because i am eating whey and oats on daily basis and coffee as a p... More »
Jim - if you soak in oats it will soften the scales and make it feel better it wont itch and burn for a... More »
witnessy - Ido think so!
gary - yes michelle i went to the hospital to get treated and the treatment worked for a couple of years... More »
gary - yes im same sylvia, they itch more in winter dont know why.
Susan - I used to have it on my scalp really bad. I did take a lotion by prescription too. I know you w... More »
Jenn - I started using a 'natural' deodorant (without aluminum). The psoriasis on the bottom of my feet ... More »
Sureshkakarla - strict diet, less stressful environment.
Ragazza - 10 years after being diagnosed with Psoriasis I told my partner he could leave my house and find ... More »
Ragazza - I had my light therapy (UVB) today.. 3 minutes and 5 seconds... it's like I was a whole day at t... More »
Ragazza - can you go and look for Vaseling with Aloë Vera in it? It's from the Vaseline Brand.. when I pu... More »
Ragazza - cheryl..I found out what 'coffee enema' is.... it's sure not my favorite thing to do. It's coffe... More »
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