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Edwin - Ty for the advice and lately I've been having a lot of episodes of upset GI. I've stayed away fro... More »
Clint - Edwin I was taking lemon 🍋 honey 🍯 and a splash of apple cider vinegar it helped my system alot w... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Great Edwin, Yes i been on Vitabiotics for 2 months now and see how things go,May take time for t... More »
Bev - So happy to hear your skin is doing so well Julie
Jannie - Positive vibe from Julie .So liking that.😘
Julie - Thanks ladies. I try to keep up the positive. Best wishes to you.
john,Flakes to beam up - Hello nikdm, That takes me back to when i was very little with the nit comb, Yes it was steel com... More »
nikdm - Hey I wanted to ask, every time I move my hair, little white particles fall down, is this p or da... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - I used to have what looked like dandruff and lumps aswell,the lumps can let flakes out, I dont ge... More »
Carolyn Modesty - Sun is. Good for mine and I use ivory soap
James - I've just been told I'll need to take a B12 supplement as it's the only vitamin I can't get on a ... More »
Bev - Oh so do I Linda.
Lorna Penner - Hi,,I also have ,"P" in my eyes & ears--nose is the worst. I think Im going to ask Pharmacy if th... More »
Jannie - Hope it didn’t ruin your holiday
Bill Holder - hey mate, having psoriasis sucks. I hate it. If I think about it I get depressed and don't even w... More »
Margo - It is rough having this disease. I did not officially get diagnosed until recently. I always ha... More »
erick - I am 24 and just had it since I was 13. At times I feel like why do I have this disease. I hated ... More »
Sam - Yes... You can have pumpkin. Avoid black gram,salt,sugar,citrus foods, curd, non veg (you can hav... More »
Ashish - Hi Pooja, Pumpkin seeds are great for us. You know, psoriasis is a gut related disorder and pumpk... More »
Ashish - Also, pumpkin seeds are highly alkaline in nature and hence, eating these seeds can shift the bod... More »
Deleted account - We leave a pieces of us wherever we go XD
shazaan - you look lovely don't worry
Gino - I lost count of the number of times I had to decline a pool party. I've pretty much come to terms... More »
Deleted account - You should take 1000 mg of fish oil everyday. This fish oil contains omega-3 which can overcome t... More »
ceeyonce - Vitamin E pills on your scalp is one. Also if you have any specific. Breakouts. Puncture one pill... More »
Kathy - Try large dose of Vitamin D---5000. Might help. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and was told ... More »
Armin - Same here, I put my creams next to my laptop so I don't forget to use them :D
Elena - Same... Top of my thumb on my right hand... also the palm of my right hand. it's awful!!!
Lorna Penner - I use Lemon Balm from cannabus store --its an oil in a small jar and it takes the itch or someti... More »
Bill Holder - what motivates me to keep using them? Going to sleep in a clean bed and waking up in a bed full o... More »
Angie - Remembering how severe the itch can get and flakes all over the house. That's what keeps me at it...
oz - Hope you're coping better. I agree with the other replies on this post.I struggled with the moist... More »
Deleted account - You can heal psoriasis by doing the right diets. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. Avoid b... More »
Angie - Hi Mick, My dermatologist has me on a regimen of using the steroidal spray for two weeks on th... More »
Angie - Hi Chelsea, I've used my share of intense moisturizers for P and it doesn't really help me but... More »
Mickg48 - It always will but you need to find your trigger I kept a food diary if you manage your food inta... More »
Kathy - Adam, make sure your skin is hydrated. Use lots of lotion on your skin.
Karmen - Know where you're coming from. Living for 3+ years in a sunny Mediterenian climate and now moving... More »
witnessy - the positif is; you can cover it!
witnessy - Ido think so!
erick - I had it for 10 years, tried all the creams and nothing fully worked. What worked for me is an el... More »
Tautvilas - sugar diet and vitamins should do the trick... but you must be strong and resist the temptation o... More »
erick - eliminating sugar is good, but the thing for me that worked is eliminating all nightshade foods (... More »
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