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john,Flakes to beam up - Hello Honey,Its very windy here in the uk, getting closer to spring:), Yes i am good thank you, ... More »
Susan - We are just starting Spring here Honey. Quite lovely and great weather to walk and listen to my ... More »
Rosey - End of summer here and today it's hot! Lucky it's Sunday so bout to grab some Ray's outside and ... More »
Afina - I like your name and picture John 😁
Afina - I'm sorry it took me so long to reply on your text....I was almost scared to come back again afte... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Welcome back Afina , ,Dont worry, its been very quiet here these days, months :)
Jennifer - Thank you, Caroline. You are very inspiring ;)
Sarah - Ugh. Some people are the worst! I'm sorry that happened to you, it is the worst feeling. Just rem... More »
Neil - I bet that's happened to most of us on here. In work myself last week. Someone asked me what's th... More »
Caroline - Get that kind of stuff ALL the time! Such a typical thing to comment on when you don't have psori... More »
Azizi adnan - Honestly my job is a stressfull one. Its killing me that everytime im stress the psoriasis flares... More »
Deleted account - You can heal psoriasis by doing the right diets. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. Avoid b... More »
Rajen - Hi Anne, I would recommend you get a copy of this book. The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noak... More »
Rajen - Hi Anne, on facebook, Banting: Real Meal Revolution, Banting for Weight Loss, Banting for Healthy... More »
anne - hi rajen thanks for your help x
Bill Holder - hey mate, having psoriasis sucks. I hate it. If I think about it I get depressed and don't even w... More »
Margo - It is rough having this disease. I did not officially get diagnosed until recently. I always ha... More »
erick - I am 24 and just had it since I was 13. At times I feel like why do I have this disease. I hated ... More »
Coreene - Not me ! I have dealt with P and PSA for close to 40 years and will never just accept being tort... More »
erick - Coreene, I used to be in your shoes, believing psoriasis is a lifelong disease. The thing about p... More »
Gordana - It ll take a litlle time
Varoon - Don't use anything synthetic and try to wear cotton clothes. The roomier the better. We want the ... More »
Deleted account - Hi bill hope your ok, Thanks for your message my scalp still sore
BarryMc - Hi Lewis. I work in hospitality too, and unfortunately I've come up with the same solution. At le... More »
Ragazza - Are you spending those few hours that you are free on getting drunk??
Edgars - Hello! I am so sorry to hear that. You might be really interested when you find out about why we ... More »
Olive - Hi friend, I also struggle with face psoriasis. I agree, it really kills my confidence as well, b... More »
Jamie - I recently bought Shikai BORAGE OIL face lotion and it actually seems to be helping.
Sam - Completely avoid sour things, things made of black gram like dosa, idli. Avoid non veg.. fish is ... More »
Shane Sal - Hi Sam, Even I did Ayurveda. And it had gone mostly. However I do not control my food.. Can yo... More »
Ekta - Hi all, Ayurveda is a science that believes each human body is different, because we have a uniq... More »
Monica - Really is not the problem that is a problem is the solution!
Monica - Cool you going to get very soon something that I do not know yet but soon you get that please let... More »
Jameel - blessings working towards better life
witnessy - laugh and love cure's most of the time!
shazaan - never cut or rip another will re-place it. In my 20 years of experience with the condition now be... More »
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