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Michelle - Hi Sarah. How did you find out it was Psoriasis?
Susan - Sarah, I'm not sure what tests they did. Yup... Most of us here have the stress trigger. You'll... More »
Alan - Sounds similar to me...
Bev - Oh so do I Linda.
Lorna Penner - Hi,,I also have ,"P" in my eyes & ears--nose is the worst. I think Im going to ask Pharmacy if th... More »
Jannie - Hope it didn’t ruin your holiday
Afina - I like your name and picture John 😁
Afina - I'm sorry it took me so long to reply on your text....I was almost scared to come back again afte... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Welcome back Afina , ,Dont worry, its been very quiet here these days, months :)
lisa - always here for you and anyone else xx
Chris - Thank you, it means a lot xxx
Carolyn - Hang in there Chris!! It's an awful thing this depression, as I know only too well. We have to fo... More »
Susan - Oh dear Honey. Glad that something is helping if only short term. I have many ideas but you hav... More »
Honey - Thank you guys. I think I am now doing good with the food. I'm not really into dairy foods and ot... More »
john,Flakes to beam up - Good luck Honey, I still eat fruit strange, i never used to eat that much fruit and now i do, Its... More »
Susan - James when I did it years ago I put a facecloth over my face tucked under the glasses or I would ... More »
James - I just slathered on some moisturiser straight after my next session and it worked fine. I already... More »
hope - I have those days and when I have psoriasis flare ups they come with psoriatic nail disease and p... More »
Sarah - Oh no Vicky, flare up cycles are the worst. Do you know your triggers? Can you go about identifyi... More »
Ingrid - Cannabis is the solution for our psoriasis !!
john,Flakes to beam up - I am in the uk, cannnabis is illegal,
Maranatha Joy Dahingo - Hi cindy, what i apply on my skin when i got it is a soap name psoroff but unfortunately it is no... More »
Ingrid - Try cannabis if u live in a state that allows it.
Deleted account - You can heal psoriasis by doing the right diets. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. Avoid b... More »
stephen - I know this is hard but keep your hands busy and avoid scratching if you cannot keep busy try sit... More »
stephen - I have had psoriasis for 40 years and now I am a test subject for [...] I get an injection every ... More »
Jacqueline - I hear you I am in the same place. I do not know what to do, for I am doing the same thing but I ... More »
Lorraine - What were u given to clear it up as I only have minimal but still enough to annoy the living hell... More »
Linda Kay - I got my first full blown Psoriasis outbreak in 2013 when my mother was sick and died. I was her ... More »
mia williams - i wanna to know are their really is true love because in order to have love i through you never s... More »
Azizi adnan - Honestly my job is a stressfull one. Its killing me that everytime im stress the psoriasis flares... More »
Claire - Oh also got arthritic psoriasis so im well and truly fed up.
erick - Do you eat a lot of tomatoes potatoes and peppers? That includes pasta and pizza with red sauce, ... More »
Nicole - do you mean cortison? which drug? I am different to you but coping with atopic eczeme and multi... More »

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