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Sam - Yes... You can have pumpkin. Avoid black gram,salt,sugar,citrus foods, curd, non veg (you can hav... More »
Ashish - Hi Pooja, Pumpkin seeds are great for us. You know, psoriasis is a gut related disorder and pumpk... More »
Ashish - Also, pumpkin seeds are highly alkaline in nature and hence, eating these seeds can shift the bod... More »
witnessy - ok,I understand,i better turn grey, the flakes on my head have almost the same color
rrah - None! My grandmother had to stop dying her hair with scalp psoriasis. The combo was making her ha... More »
hope - I have those days and when I have psoriasis flare ups they come with psoriatic nail disease and p... More »
Sarah - Oh no Vicky, flare up cycles are the worst. Do you know your triggers? Can you go about identifyi... More »
Ingrid - Cannabis is the solution for our psoriasis !!
john,Hulk - I am in the uk, cannnabis is illegal,
Maranatha Joy Dahingo - Hi cindy, what i apply on my skin when i got it is a soap name psoroff but unfortunately it is no... More »
Ingrid - Try cannabis if u live in a state that allows it.
Deleted account - You can heal psoriasis by doing the right diets. Eat lots of green vegetables and fruits. Avoid b... More »
Deleted account - I have really sore scalp I'm tried anti fungal shampoos Off my doctor but it the itching get... More »
Kevin - Dont ever get married or u will be doomed to a world of flakes aaarrgh lol
Nadia - I live with psoriasis
Deleted account - Avoid eating processed foods with mono sodium glutamate in it, beef, mayonaise, sesame oil, nori ... More »
Ax - Skin typically goes dry, flaky than usual ,higher amount of stress
janet - stress as soon as something is a bit challenging the patches go dark red
stephen - I know this is hard but keep your hands busy and avoid scratching if you cannot keep busy try sit... More »
stephen - I have had psoriasis for 40 years and now I am a test subject for [...] I get an injection every ... More »
Jacqueline - I hear you I am in the same place. I do not know what to do, for I am doing the same thing but I ... More »
Lorraine - What were u given to clear it up as I only have minimal but still enough to annoy the living hell... More »
Linda Kay - I got my first full blown Psoriasis outbreak in 2013 when my mother was sick and died. I was her ... More »
Azizi adnan - Honestly my job is a stressfull one. Its killing me that everytime im stress the psoriasis flares... More »

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