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witnessy - in 90% of the cases its heredatery(My grandma had it,my dad had it,my son only when he is stresse... More »
Maggie - I think there's some truth to this, Bob. I had a relapse when I felt trapped between a rock and a... More »
Bob - In response to Witnessy's claim that 90% of psoriasis is hereditary, is not true. In only one-th... More »
Cheryl - Jeanette - what allergy test would you recommend please? Been thinking of paying for blood test b... More »
Jeanette - Cheryl, I had three allergy test in my life The first on the fingers, acupuncture points Wit... More »
Mishlyn - Hi Sally, my scalp has been very bad and it has also been very good over the years. Tgel shampoo ... More »
Deleted account - Try vegan diet, it will be decimated within 2 weeks. Depends on how severe the psoriasis. Good luck
Lorraine - What were u given to clear it up as I only have minimal but still enough to annoy the living hell... More »
Linda Kay - I got my first full blown Psoriasis outbreak in 2013 when my mother was sick and died. I was her ... More »
JULIA - Should say PSA☺
Bill Holder - the tiredness that turns into exhaustion is the worst - I find it really hard to deal with. I hav... More »
witnessy - the swimming pool is good for us but we can't go all dressed!
witnessy - I hate my scratching in the meetings I have,but most off the riends who are there, know why!
Jackie - The best way to deal with the flakes is to put your prescribed creams/ointments on twice a day. ... More »
Pam - I'm in my 60's and have had Psoriasis since I was 14, I sure some people do not realise just how ... More »
John - What have they offeref you Clair in the way of Gels and creams ?
richard - try hydrating. i drink 2 liters of fluids a day..
Mishlyn - Hi Grace, I would suggest a slow wean off the meds. I feel the same way as you and just over a mo... More »
john,Hulk - so true michelle, not like what i did just stop them get all red faced and flake all over the pla... More »
Sarah - Hi Grace, welcome to Flaym! I think it's good to go slow, and eliminate one med at a time if you ... More »
gary - hello ive had them since i was 16 im 41 now and still have them i hate them,it puts me off from f... More »
Andy - I know how you feel. Good days, Bad days :\
john,Hulk - done 48 years with psoriasis ,since birth and 14 yrs with psoriatic arthritis, i know the feelin... More »
Annette - Thank you for sharing! I have not heard of these capsules before but I am willing to try anything... More »
Lena - Hi! I think I will try this. what kind of P did you have? All over the body or face or just elbo... More »
JULIA - Whats so funny ..

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