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allison - Some people's actions go over the score like x
Holly - I completely avoid black, it's not people's opinions that bother me it was the fact throughout sc... More »
Ragazza - I know... you know... we know... and yes...it hurts constantly
witnessy - the swimming pool is good for us but we can't go all dressed!
witnessy - I hate my scratching in the meetings I have,but most off the riends who are there, know why!
Jackie - The best way to deal with the flakes is to put your prescribed creams/ointments on twice a day. ... More »
JULIA - Whats so funny ..
Claire - Oh also got arthritic psoriasis so im well and truly fed up.
erick - Do you eat a lot of tomatoes potatoes and peppers? That includes pasta and pizza with red sauce, ... More »
Nicole - do you mean cortison? which drug? I am different to you but coping with atopic eczeme and multi... More »
Bill Holder - I'd love to tell you it'll be over soon, but you are stuck with it now. What I can say it is mana... More »
McKenna - Yeah, there are definitely, worst things that I could be struggling with. I'm managing though, I'... More »
Kelly - Thank you for your kind response, Cara. Means a lot to me ;)
Izzy - My skin is almost completely cleared up. I attribute this to diet changes.
Dianne - Donald the only treatment that has cleared my skin fully is Methetrexate ..... obviously it has i... More »
john,Hulk - hello Christine,easy said than done ,try not to stress about it,it will get worse,i see it and tr... More »
christine - iv bought a uvb lamp iv used it afew times it said it takes six to eaght weehs for resolts i let ... More »
john,Hulk - yes that be great,i havnt been under uv for a lot of years now,it can work well for a lot of peop... More »
Sarah - Hi, have you tried Sebco coconut oil ointment? That seems to help with my scalp, I warn you that ... More »
pat - Have you tried Oilatum shampoo?
Psoriatic4good - You have psoriasis :)
Pam - I'm in my 60's and have had Psoriasis since I was 14, I sure some people do not realise just how ... More »
John - What have they offeref you Clair in the way of Gels and creams ?
richard - try hydrating. i drink 2 liters of fluids a day..
dean - whats that ??
Adrian - It's where your joint surface flares up and bits fall off and can cause damage
Izzy - Do you notice when you get the flare ups? Certain foods can trigger them.

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