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Reggie - I absolutely think vitamin D plays a part in psoriasis! Just make sure you get your vitamin D fr... More »
leemarie - I actually read a study that showed a link between vitamin D deficiency and psoriasis. I have add... More »
Maggie - Thank you for your info regarding vitamin D. I see my dr. in 2 weeks i'll ask her about it.
Maggie - why did you stop the gluten free diet?
Linda Kay - I've been Gluten free for nine months. It might be helping so that is why I am staying with it. I... More »
Amy Lyons - My dermatologist said it's not necessary to stop gluten if your not actually allergic.
mia williams - i wanna to know are their really is true love because in order to have love i through you never s... More »
Needyou - thank u so much for your responses .
Needyou - What about for whey protein ? because i am eating whey and oats on daily basis and coffee as a p... More »
Jim - if you soak in oats it will soften the scales and make it feel better it wont itch and burn for a... More »
Cheryl - Jeanette - what allergy test would you recommend please? Been thinking of paying for blood test b... More »
Jeanette - Cheryl, I had three allergy test in my life The first on the fingers, acupuncture points Wit... More »
Michelle - Hi Sally, my scalp has been very bad and it has also been very good over the years. Tgel shampoo ... More »
ann - is it a lifetime thing
Jessica - It is an auto immune disease with no cure, all you can really do is maintain the disorder with tr... More »
Dennis - After suffering for decades, I finally went to photo-therapy last summer. 3 sessions per week for... More »
Azizi adnan - Honestly my job is a stressfull one. Its killing me that everytime im stress the psoriasis flares... More »
Claire - Oh also got arthritic psoriasis so im well and truly fed up.
erick - Do you eat a lot of tomatoes potatoes and peppers? That includes pasta and pizza with red sauce, ... More »
Nicole - do you mean cortison? which drug? I am different to you but coping with atopic eczeme and multi... More »
Ingrid - No...but it does if u use cannabis
Anneke - try msg17 its a pill it will clear it all up or get on a steroid ik its bad for you but what else... More »
Deleted account - Try vegan diet, it will be decimated within 2 weeks. Depends on how severe the psoriasis. Good luck
JULIA - Should say PSA☺
Bill Holder - the tiredness that turns into exhaustion is the worst - I find it really hard to deal with. I hav... More »
witnessy - the swimming pool is good for us but we can't go all dressed!
witnessy - I hate my scratching in the meetings I have,but most off the riends who are there, know why!
Jackie - The best way to deal with the flakes is to put your prescribed creams/ointments on twice a day. ... More »
Kelly - Thank you for your kind response, Cara. Means a lot to me ;)
Shawzki - I'm vegan so, no milk, but I have tried gluten free and it didn't really make a difference. I hav... More »

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