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Reggie - I absolutely think vitamin D plays a part in psoriasis! Just make sure you get your vitamin D fr... More »
leemarie - I actually read a study that showed a link between vitamin D deficiency and psoriasis. I have add... More »
Maggie - Thank you for your info regarding vitamin D. I see my dr. in 2 weeks i'll ask her about it.
Maggie - why did you stop the gluten free diet?
Linda Kay - I've been Gluten free for nine months. It might be helping so that is why I am staying with it. I... More »
Amy Lyons - My dermatologist said it's not necessary to stop gluten if your not actually allergic.
witnessy - the swimming pool is good for us but we can't go all dressed!
witnessy - I hate my scratching in the meetings I have,but most off the riends who are there, know why!
Jackie - The best way to deal with the flakes is to put your prescribed creams/ointments on twice a day. ... More »
Kelly - Thank you for your kind response, Cara. Means a lot to me ;)
Shawzki - I'm vegan so, no milk, but I have tried gluten free and it didn't really make a difference. I hav... More »
JULIA - Whats so funny ..
Pooja - Hi Cantata, I took around 20 sessions of uv but ni success...trying ayurveda now..seems it is wo... More »
BILL - worked very good for me got my own booth just in the winter I'm always cold cause your skin is al... More »
Bill Holder - I'd love to tell you it'll be over soon, but you are stuck with it now. What I can say it is mana... More »
McKenna - Yeah, there are definitely, worst things that I could be struggling with. I'm managing though, I'... More »
witnessy - if you cant bare the itching anymore ask your docter for mentol whit coldcream,only at night,beca... More »
Chelsea - Thanks! I'll make a note of that for if it gets really bad again.
Vinay - In my view topicals do work in alleviating the severity of the plaques, which must be followed up... More »
Izzy - My skin is almost completely cleared up. I attribute this to diet changes.
Dianne - Donald the only treatment that has cleared my skin fully is Methetrexate ..... obviously it has i... More »
Kat - stay away from steroids, the dr will try and give them to you. Bad idea!!! It will come back with... More »
Veneta - I have been using steroid creams and scalp solutions before and they gave effect but as you said ... More »
Kat - right now I am using Aquaphor cream, diaper rash ointments help. I use a powder for jock itch und... More »
Dakeyras - Hope you have a good time mate and nay mind the 'P' for once and enjoy yourself lad! :)
Michelle - Okay, I'm a bit late John but I do hope you're having a wonderful time or had a wonderful time lo... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - Thats okay Michelle, i let you off lol :) :), yep detoxing for sure , i know i can turn things ar... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - hello Christine,easy said than done ,try not to stress about it,it will get worse,i see it and tr... More »
christine - iv bought a uvb lamp iv used it afew times it said it takes six to eaght weehs for resolts i let ... More »
john,Chewweeeeee - yes that be great,i havnt been under uv for a lot of years now,it can work well for a lot of peop... More »

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