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Monica - Really is not the problem that is a problem is the solution!
Monica - Cool you going to get very soon something that I do not know yet but soon you get that please let... More »
pam - aloe vera yes, that specific med no. Overall, less frequent skin cleasing esp. with scents, and... More »
Tom - keep me posted on the developments
JULIA - Whats so funny ..
Daniel - read my message
Monica - Really is not the problem that is a problem is the solution!
Jill - NIghtshades are tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers and Brinjal.....
Ragazza - Potatoes is one of the Nightshade family
erick - another one is tobacco. I took nightshades out and the rest was like magic.
Rajen - Hi Anne, I would recommend you get a copy of this book. The Real Meal Revolution by Prof Tim Noak... More »
Rajen - Hi Anne, on facebook, Banting: Real Meal Revolution, Banting for Weight Loss, Banting for Healthy... More »
anne - hi rajen thanks for your help x
Cheri - Read my comments about going for light therapy or a tanning booth for relief. The tanning booth ... More »
Nic - Take 2 Benadryl or Piriton (the 1 tablet a day ones) at bedtime - this will help you get a good n... More »
Hanna - I have it in my ears I p,ut drops in every day & go to the hospital every 5/6 we... More »
Lorrie - LOL. Sense of humor is always good! Took me a few years to get over anger, wanting to scream "WTH... More »
Jenna Kay - Inverse psoriasis is awful. So much more painful for me.
Jenna Kay - I've found that wearing really baggy clothing helps a ton! as well as making sure I wipe it down ... More »
Kat - I'm in the same boat, I do know that my dr put me on High blood pressure meds and I broke out in ... More »
ronnie - The condition is not hereditory, it is normally triggred by some form of trauma. I have had the c... More »
Natalie - Kat, I'm very lucky and don't take any medication so that's not the problem. Ronnie, my doctor to... More »
...feeling sad Rains @rains

Sarah - Hi Rains, sorry to hear you're sad. Reach out!
Susan - Chin up Rains... All is going to be ok...
erick - mine too, the only permanent solution for me is diet elimination. never had a flare up since I st... More »
Rand - Maybe you should take a look on the way you live, it affects a lot actually. When I stopped smoki... More »
Delinda - I agree, but it's hard to identify what's going wrong within your body...
richard - it takes time..it took me 20 plus years
Ronel - I think you call it STRESS I use Dr Vogel alkaline powder daily. High acid levels is a trigger. ... More »
Monica - Do a detox that suit you best!
Linda Kay - When I first got diagnosed, they put me on steroids and it really helped...but as soon as I went ... More »
alvinette - I have done some research on the treatment of psoriasis. the cortisone injections are one of the ... More »
gary - is uvb the stand up sun bed treatment?
Ragazza - @ Gary Yes the UVB without medication. I'm now at 6 minutes and 35 seconds. Still have the bu... More »
Chris - The uvb does hurtt a little - buttt the overall course was really effective for me five years ago... More »
john,Hulk - hello les, dont we all hate it, but best to accept and treat in some way as i have,mind, i know n... More »
Izzy - Think it's more about reducing acidic foods like meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains and alc... More »
Jack - Those be some fighting words Jessi lol. #alkaline4lifesquad
Deleted account - Eczema is so easy to be decimated and even exterminated. Don't eat salty snacks, salty sauce, sa... More »
JULIA - Whats so funny ..

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