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i am thinking of using the sun bed again, in moderation, does anyone on here think this is a good idea or a bad idea because of the skin cancer risk?


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lmc @lmc

no need to use sun beds as yes they are very dangerous... the hospital administer these in a safe way, go down the correct route of being referred by your doctor and monitored getting light treatment at the dosage your skin needs. You can get a course of light treatment at least once per year safely.

Ragazza @ragazza

Gary..... healthy people go to the beach enjoying themselves in the sun... with friends. You are going nowhere, you get depressed with your condition and YOU are thinking if it's a good idea to spend 20-30 times on a sun bed??? If I was you... I go for it !!

gary @gazzzza365
Lytham St Annes, England, United Kingdom

i like making people smile, im a genuine person im a single straight man,i hate my psoriasis,

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