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For the first time since my psoriasis started, I have found actual relief. I have tried absolutely everything and was about to give up on ever having clear skin again. But recently I tried UVB light therapy---and it worked miracles.


Theme Light Therapy for Psoriasis

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Amy @amos

i must admit it is great...mine cleared up but then came straight back when i got stressed....but that couple of weeks without it was great x

Julie @julie9690

@amos what product did you use and from where? I am interested to see other people's experiences with it. I have a home unit so that has been convenient.

Amy @amos

just got the cheapest tub from local chemist.

Amy @amos

ha ha sorry i went to the hospital for my treatment x

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

UVA and UVB treatmants are great but You have to put some PUVA cream half hour before.

Trish @trish

I had 8/9 light treatments, brilliant while it lasted. You can only have so many. I started on tablet before and then bath before treatments.

Julie @julie9690

UVBioTek Hand Wand...it won't let me post the link, but you can find it on their website @albertarose it is AWESOME!

Valentina @valentina1

how long have you had psoriasis and what type is it?

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