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has anyone got the arthritus caused by psoriasis i have off to see consultant on 23rd jan i can not pick up anything with my hands they are swollen and so painful xx


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Margot Luyt
Margot Luyt @margotluyt

My hips are the worst.

Tanya @Tan

Yes; it is called psoriatic arthritis; a rheumatologist will diagnose and advise suitable medication

Errol @errol

Please be careful with the medications prescribed by doctors for psoriatic arthritis - some are extremely poisonous. Read up on internet. There are great natural remedies for arthritis that really work.

Geoffrey @geoffrey

my ankles suffer x

Ronel @ronel

Hey Janet I have Psoriasis arthritis, yes it is painful but you can manage it well. and with a positive attitude you will solve the problem 50%, except your condition manage it and live a full life. All of the best.

Izzy @izzy

I have never got it checked, but yes, my joints get in severe pain sometimes.

I might have costochondritis as well as psoriatic arthritis. This is when your chest is in severe pain due to inflammation and the only way for it to stop is to wait it out and not move.

Eating nightshades triggers all these joint problems for me and I only recently found out. Life is much easier now knowing I shouldn't eat tomatoes. My skin is clearing up on its own and during the worst time of the year on top of that.

Ronel @ronel

Hey Janet for psoriasis try a pinch of bicarbonate Sodium 5 to 6 times a day in your drinking water it alkaline the water and that balance the acid in your body,

Dave @dave

Janet I have Psoratic Arthritis in my feet & my Sacrioiliac joint supposed to be like an engine mount Flexible, mine is Solid.

Christopher @Chris0

Hi Janet, not sure if you are in the UK, but i take two types of medications they are not nice but at 41 (today) i no longer move like i am 90, the medication is horrible and i drink so much water a day to limit the effects of the pills but hey normal ish life :)
Good luck on the 23rd

shirley @shalby

yes that is part of the psoriasis both my middle fingers my spine are affected

david @davidmrobinson

my husband has this, he is 532 and has had it since he was just 9 years old

mae @maep123

so sorry for your painful hands god bless you xxx

janet @janet

thanks for that i am in uk do the pills make you feel sick ?

Adrian @adriand24

I've been diagnosed with the arthritis from psoriasis and ive got my first MRI scan next Tuesday 23rd but its in all my joints and just painful all the time specially when you get up from sitting but my Dr Said you must keep moving. The worst part is my neck as its trying to fuse every time I go to sleep and wake up in morning you hear crunching and cracking noises when I move my neck then if I get a flair up its just solid pain like a migraine

dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

i have it its called psoriaetic arthritis( excuse spelling) . I had injections for it before by my gp, and it worked. I haven't had pain from it in years

dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

also if you get prescribed [...] one side effect can be down syndrome babies . find out as much as you can before taking it

Christopher @Chris0

Hi Janet
Not so bad with the [...] but the [...] is a bit horrible, one of the changes with discussion was taking the [...], I take all 4 tablets (6 days a week along with folic acid) at night right before bed avoids a lot of the side effects for me anyway

Errol @errol

I have said this previously and will say it again. The medications prescribed for psoriatic arthritis may be extremely harmful to your internal organs. I have developed a liver disfunction after only 6 weeks of using. There are many natural remedies available that are easily prepared at home. I have been pain free since using one. But if you want to poison your body, go for the chemicals and good luck...!

Louise @louise2616

yes i have psoratic arthritus aswel as it on my skin i have been like this for 20 years now. its very painfull

Michael @milesm

I have had it for years, Its good to start treatment in early stages to stop too much damage to joints. I ofteen get terrible back pain but Facet joint injections help a great deal with that. If you get it in enough joints you can go to Bio Med clinic wher you get gold injections monthly. I have heard they are a great success for joints & skin. But because of cost & depending on health authority criteria is high. i have never qualified for this treatment. Good Luck for the future.

lynne @lynne

hi i have seratic arthritus cant spell it was diagnosed about 7 years ago up till then i had never heard of it i get psoriasis in the small joints my hands and toes the pain is awful i also get it in my nails and sometimes i loose them and of cause i get it on the scalp arms and face i take methatrexate tabs for it which have helped alot hope they sort you out soon

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello janet.i have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis too :(

john,Hulk @chewbacca

psoriasis since birth 48yrs and psoriatic arthritis 14yrs,:( :)

Christopher @Chris0

To address the issues below, yes taking meds can be an issue, but thus the reason I drink more water than a fish :D

Update I am now on 3 types of meds, inbox for details

I can move work and just started back on exercise something i have not been able to do for over 2 years, i am lucky my liver seems double hard and can manage these drugs inc the odd drink :D

Stay strong by fellow scratchers :P x

Any chat or Q's message me (UK)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i am on diet changes have been for a few months now, skin and joints are a lot better as certain foods cause inflammation to skin and joints,no meds accept a bit of moisturiser here and there, it s great :)

Frani @frani

Psoriatic arthritis is terrible! The pain can be unbearable and my joints are starting to not let me bend my fingers lately. Hard to grasp a pen to write anything

Mishlyn @mishlyn

Hi Janet! I hope you have been able to find some good treatment and relief for your hands!

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