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What was the most effective thing that you've done to clear up your pso or at least lessen the symptoms? Care to share? ๐Ÿ’œ


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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Dot Roux
Dot Roux @dotroux

Definitely large doses of Omega 3 around 5000 to 6000 mg a day - specifically DHA 600 mg per day and Epa 900mg per day. Am looking for best vegan options - have heard krill oil or spirulina - anyone tried either those?

serge @serge47

hello, during many years I have been once a week by a doctor with a Puva ( psoriasis ultra violet A ) I needed to take medication otherwise it do nothing !!! 5000 joules in a life time !!! no more hope it can help !!!!!

Val @valb

Hi Mj I signed up a while ago when I was looking for an answer when I thought my husband had Psoriasis. I noticed there was a lot of people that was of the opinion that they got good results from following a alkalising diet. The problem is that it is hard to stick to the diet so I continued my search and found a website that is selling alkalising and mineralising water. I know we are not to mention any commercial stuff here so if you are interested you can send me a Personal message.

Sid @sid

I found a Chinese cream that has been fairly effective in conjunction with a weekly PUVA session. I stopped steroid creams as they weren't effective and also use a body lotion that has 5% urea in it which also helps a bit. And a lot less stress!

Leila @leila

What a wonderful positive attitude Mj! You're stronger for the experience!
I tried a thick blob of toothpaste and once it dried and hardened, it gave me temporary relief. It doesn't last too long though. A topical cream is currently working for me. Good luck!

Tommy @tommy

Mine clears up with Dioprabase ointment

fiona @scabbygirl

Sunshine, 2 weeks in the sun relaxing clears it completely. Then I come home

HollyDan @hollydan

Hey mj,
To lessen the symptoms/inflammation, I stopped drinking alcohol and I'm on a low sugar diet. To clear up my p light therapy has been a miracle worker! Either take a much deserved holiday or invest in a light therapy machine - I swear by mine!
Stay Awesome,
H x


Trish @trish

anti cancer tablets and now heading for injections

agb @agb

I switch out my shampoos and body soap.
shampoo-Tgel with Shea Moisture Deep Cleansing Shampoo for dry , itchy scalp.
body soap- Olay with black soap.
It has made a big difference for me. When I run out of 1 product I switch to the other.

Clawbare @clawbare

My legs were covered until i had a series of ultra violet sessions. all i've left is two dry knees and a patch on the back of my calf which every time i get almost clear i scratch it and have to start again with the creams.

erick @erick

diet elimination, it cured of my psoriasis of 10 years

Lynne @lynnenettelton

Colodial silver cream or gel. Avoid MSG at all costs. Do not use washing powder, try Earth Sap clothes wash.

Mj @mj

Thank you so much guys for sharing your routines/medications that helped you clear up or lessen your pso. I'll surely try those that doesn't cost much and are available here in the Philippines. I appreciate the love and support that you've shown me. I made the right choice in joining Flaym. Keep spreading the love! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Nora @noraanderson

I recently switched to a natural soap brand that uses soap nuts. It's really helped in clearing my skin! :)

GITTL @gittl

at this point i'm doing uv treatments 3x a week, it's working but unbelievably slowly...just when i thought between the pain (other issue) and itching i'd lose my mind. i have it over 75% of my body. one of worst cases they've seen they say. to make it through the night(impossible to sleep for tearing my skin off) i smoke grass, cream body and take two homeopathic remedies..arnica 1000 and opium 1000. and that's to get through half the night. around 3 am repeat. so sleep deprived. itching i've discovered through SCIENTIFIC AMERICA is a pain response so i'm treating it as such AND knowing it's incurable...so it's up to me and my belief system G-d, and never giving up but...it's hell.

Dianne @notforme

The very best and most effective treatment is to treat the symptoms empirically, i.e. as an outbreak occurs treat that outbreak ONLY. Do not think you can second-guess psoriasis and pre-treat areas you think may be vulnerable. And try to forget that you have psoriasis - even if it is difficult at times not to give way to despair - sunshine if possible, laughter lifts the whole spirit and a smile really works as a mood lightener. Anyway, works for me - at the moment........

Jack @psoriasisblob

Have to second the responses about diet. Eliminating the junk/gluten/dairy did wonders for my P!

Susan @godcares

Diet and lifestyle changes. Lots of practice of living in the moment. Music, exercise and I practice my Faith. I now consider myself healed and even if I'm not I still speak that to myself daily. Positive living as well in every way. Drink Moringa too.

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Mj @mj
City of Angels, Central Luzon, Philippines

A single mom of two beautiful boys.. been through a lot but won't let pso bring me down. I just got this a few months ago but im positive that I can get through this with God's guidance and from the love from y'all. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ˜˜

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