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My first post! Is anyone else terrified of going down the medical treatment route? I got a prescription for a scalp ointment from my doctor and I can't even bring myself to open it. I'm going to exhaust my natural options before I give it a go.


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Joni @joni

I've had good experiences with medical treatments that I use to complement natural treatments, but agree that you have to be mentally ready to start going down that path. Good luck!

Gary @theciscokid

I was Meaghan. Did the whole Dr Pagano diet for 3 months just after NYE, didn't work for me, just made me unhappy thinking about what I could/couldn't eat. Saw a Dermatologist and been using cream/emollient since March, and it's working! Everyone's different though, my psoriasis wasn't too severe. Hope that helps. 🙂

Trish @trish

I will try anything for quality of life!

Meaghan @meaghan

Thank you for the replies! Personally I think the most frustrating thing about psoriasis, or any other ailment is that the same thing doesn't work for everyone and you need to find your cocktail of treatments lol. I have found a little relief by lowering my gluten intake, but I'm worried it's all in my head haha.

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