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Hello everyone. My name is Cora and i live in The Netherlands. I have psoriasis (luckily) only in my ears. Who out here has psoriasis in the ears also? I like to here what you do to get rid of the itch!


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Tracey @tracey42

I found warming some olive oil slightly and rubbing a small amount round my ear softened the scales and stopped the itching

Kerkko @kerkko

I have it around my ear and inside my ear and so far the only solution has been cortisones but I'm trying the water and no sugar diet right now.

Cora @cora
Breda, Netherlands

I like to walk, read, listen to music (Within Temptation, Nightwish, LEAH, Native American music, Celtic music) and my motto is: A day not laughed is a lost day!

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