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That cold sweat when you have psoriasis on your hands and your colleague reaches out with a pack of gum asking if you want some... 😰😰😰


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Nicola @Nicky

Luckily I only have it all over my ears and scalp and nails, but nowhere else on hands or legs of arms or anywhere else. I keep using the cotton buds for the itch inside the ears. I have to hoover my office chair and the floor round it every night before going to bed.

Pooja @pooja55

Don't​ worry I will take the gum in ur behalf 😇😇

Cheryl @chez

Um .. 3 options .. 1. Decline gracefully even though you would die for some. 2. Accept but ask if your colleague would drop it in your hand. 3. Grab the packet and run ...

HollyDan @hollydan

It seems like such a shame to have to be anxious and hide your skin problems. How come your colleagues don't already know about your p? I tell quite a few people about mine - emphasising that it is NOT CONTAGIOUS! And 95% are super accepting. You should not deny yourself gum because of p!
Stay Awesome,
H x

Jack @psoriasisblob

Haha, don't worry, P doesn't hold me back from getting gum!

It's more like when you catch someone looking - its throws your own attention to it. No-one likes that right? Sorta like high-fiving when you have psoriasis on your palms. Sure you can do it, but still, its a bit errrghh...

Sandysandy @sandysandy

Hi jack I no to well how that feels .....I once went into asda and the girl who was serving was so scared to touch my hands as if I had a contagious desease .....I felt so down at that time I actually said in a loud voice you won't catch it people can be so ignorant .....,...I now use teatree oil and coconut oil which I must say is working wonders and they are Natural and don't have things that can cause other problems xxx

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

i would say yes i will have one thankyou, with my psoriatic hand reaching out to to take the gum in slow motion to give them a good look at it,i would say dont worry its only leprocy :)

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Jack @psoriasisblob
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It was when a homeopathist told me to drink snake venom, because I shed skin "like a snake", that I knew I had to look at other options. Just a normal 28-year-old flaker sharing his journey on www.psoriasisblob.com

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