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Have you ever tried rubbing banana peels on your psoriasis? It sounds... bananas... but is supposed to help!


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Claire @Jacko711

My doctor, when I was about 13, siggested rubbing my own urine on my psoriasis... or get pregnant, which I felt was a bit extreme at 13... I didn't do either.

Cheryl @chez

No.. can't say I have heard of that one. Next time I have a banana I will try it :)

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

@Claire... well that's a new one :)

Sabrina @fergiegirl

Claire that's awful. Hope you were able to change doctors. I wouldn't want that one!

Jack @psoriasisblob
London, UK

It was when a homeopathist told me to drink snake venom, because I shed skin "like a snake", that I knew I had to look at other options. Just a normal 28-year-old flaker sharing his journey on www.psoriasisblob.com

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