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Any body got any ideas of moisteriser for itchy burning skin tried all doctors but nothing helps seems to flare up more


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alina @alina81

i use coconut oil

Claire @Jacko711

Coconut oil for me and nappy rash cream for places that might sweat like under boob.

hilary @hilary

I have to avoid anything with paraffin, liquid paraffin or "petrolatum" in - they turn me into a furnace!

Sarah @sjpc

I also use coconut oil now instead of the traditional emollient creams that I used to get from the GP or Chemist. Works much better, feels so much better and is cheaper too!

diane @dianeras

Stacy, where do you get oillaum. I can't find it.

diane @dianeras

Stacy, where do you get oillaum. I can't find it.

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