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Does anyone else get psoriasis inside and just outside their ears? It is not as red/inflamed looking as the psoriasis on my arms and legs, but it is incredibly itchy and flaky, especially inside the ears.


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Claire @Jacko711

I always get it inside my ears, I used to get it on the back which was horrible as it really cracked.
Inside my ear I'm really bad with itching and picking, my mum js constantly telling me I have scabs and then tells me off when she realises it's from scratching my psoriasis! She's always been like the scratch police. I just cake my ears in coconut oil when I have a flare up. Is there anything u do to soothe it?

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Sometimes I didn't wake up to alarm in the morning because I didn't heared it :(

But that's psor.

Troy @Troy

One of the most annoying things. And it hurts and bleed sometimes.

Julie @juliet88

Yes, I get it inside and out. It's more like the skin is peeling off of the ear. I've been using a salve a friend of mine makes. Has definitely helped some.

Cheryl @chez

My ear canal often swells and gets very painful when I get psor in my right ear.

Psoriatic4good @psoriatic4good

Once I ended up at the emergency when I had ear infection and bleeding from psor, so they have to suck it all out.

WOW i tought that live open chest surgery was painfull :)

And the doctor asked me while sucking all that trough some big needle and generaly some torture mashine - why are You twitching?

I'm twitching because I AM ABOUT TO F... DIE FROM PAIN!!! :)

MonnieB @monnieb

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is my saviour for this! One tube can last for ages. xx

Eric @eric1945

There is a med called Lidex. Comes in cream or lotion. It will clear up you ear P and other places as well.

Tecla @tecla

God yes and it drives me mad!

Tecla @tecla

Aloe Vera gel which comes from Tenerife, thankfully they do send to the uk!

Frances @baglady

i do one place i hate it. became a lot better when i stopped wearing earing but flare up still. Really try not to scratch it as makes it really bad and yuckkie. When itch is real bad I put some Pine tar on a cotton bud and on it yep it stings but better than itch and i think it calms it down a bit

Sarah @sjpc

So sorry to hear so many other people have the same problem - and many much worse than me. Thanks so much for responding as I didn't know anyone else who had it till now. In the past I have used all the various different emollient creams from the chemist - the only slightly good one was Epaderm, but even that does nothing now - at one point the GP prescribed me some stronger stuff on prescription, but when I went to buy it from the chemist, the pharmacist said it wasn't safe to use on the ears or face! So I basically just use coconut oil or aloe vera, same as Claire and Tecla - which does improve it a bit. Like Frances, I haven't been able to wear earrings at all (for about 20 years), as pretty much instantly makes it much worse! Am definitely going to look into the Lidex and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream suggestions though, so thanks for the advice so far. :)

Deborah @Ontario

Yes I do and it is very annoying.

Sylvia @snowflake

yes I get it too

Roeseler @roeseler

Nothing gets rid of psoriasis but dermalmd psoriasis serum actually helped relieve itching, redness and scaliness better than many other products I've used. Recommend.

May @Maizie

There is an ear spray called otomize that I get prescribed for inner ear psoriasis. It's mainly used for ear infections but it works for me.

Ben @ben7352

Yeah but after putting bettamouse on your head wipe you hands round your ears it seems to work even better than on your head!

Anton @tarquinious

I get it on the inside top of the ear, and sometimes at the join behind my ear which usually cracks and is very sore (especially when the hairdresser folds your ear down to cut your hair). I keep it well moisturised and over time it fades until the next flare-up.

Phil @nadenlad

Itch Itch Itch Once The psoriasis In My ear Starts Up No Solution Sorry

Elaine @epanther55

Oh gosh one of the most annoying parts to get psor. Hate it when it gets thick over my earring holes.

Krissys feethurt
Krissys feethurt @krissysfeethurt

Hi Sarah, I use vaseline petroleum jelly to soften the crusty bits and try to remove the flakes. Try to avoid pushing the flakes down further into your ear canal as it can impair hearing and maybe get infected as well. The itch is hard not to scratch, try...its not easy! good luck!

Lauren @lauren

My ear doctor said I don't but I think he's wrong. Sometimes it just itches so bad especially at night. It's horrible ๐Ÿ˜’

Sierra @SierraJ

Ever since it first appeared it's been inside/out of my ear.

Lisa @Lisam

Yeah I do. Doesn't matter if i put cream still sore and scabby and fall on to ur clothes.

Lynn @mlf50

Yes my husband, its just aful

KateL @katel

yes I do too most annoying and itchy

Zaf @zaf

Yes I do its so irritating as mines on the back of my ear too ๐Ÿ™‚

Zaf @zaf

I actually use a cream called Neem cream and the redness has definatley gone down โ˜บ

Judith @judith

I get it on the inside. Coconut oil helps me

Judith @judith

I get it on the inside. Coconut oil helps me

Lucy @lucy182

Oh that's been a right problem for me at the minute. I'm in and out the doctors as I can't hear my ear pain gets ridiculous. Hopefully I'll manage to get my hands on the prescription soon. Every item prescribed so far has been a manufacturers issue ๐Ÿ˜‚ Typical ๐Ÿ˜‚

Sarah @sarahlou

I get it inside my ears round the side of my head on my scalp under arm pits and under boobs and another area

Emma @emmacharters

I do.....its a real problem.

Lika @lika

Sure do my friend

Debbie @debsw

And ears get so sore can't even touch them and its painful down my neck :((

Calum @calum

Try using aloe vera works a treat for me sahra ..but got to use it every day

Dick @dick

Yes, I use Daivotec, a prescription gel which relieves the condition. Hope this helps.

Calvin @calvin

Yeah I get the same. Using dermavate usually controls this

Manif @manif

the occurrence is more on the outside of my ear skin. I can recommend you one cream which is really helpful. apply it after taking shower daily. the name of the cream is ginkolium it is from bio screen made in paris

Sonet @sonet

I do and it's the worst part of the psor thing. My ears and my face. Sometimes I cannot sleep on my side, can't stand my ears and face touching the pillow - absolutely terrible.

Ell @elliott

Yes it's horrible!

Doug @Dougly

I was using Betaderm ointment .05% or 1% depending on severity. It worked great for me for about 10 years...also used it on my scalp and fingers. Its starting to not work as well so my doctor swithed me to Aristocort ojntment .01%...Ill work my way up strength wise and see how that works...I started last far its ok Ill prb need stronger though. I hope this helps.

Rodparis @rodparis

Yes, I do. What makes it worst I have tinnitus. Don't scratch it too much with anything otherwise it gets infected, which happened to me and I had to take antibiotics, ugh. I use a French ear drop used normally for eczema, but seems to work, but can't find it in US.

TravelRocker @travelrocker

Me, inside and out. Also have it on my tongue and a few other embarrassing places :)

Tracy @tracy1967

I do and in my eyebrows

Annette @Nelliehellie

I get it in and on my ears periodically. Yes it's a bit different and oddly I find not as annoying as having it elsewhere. Don't do much about it either, just comes and goes. Ears can get quite red.

Pamela @Resigned

Yes, I do, inside my ears and on the back of my ears.....

Lucy @lucy182

Also my doctor told me to shower or bathe with ear plugs to avoid it going in my ears. Not sure if she's got a valid point or she's just up for a good giggle ๐Ÿ˜‚

Jullie @jullie

Sure do darl . I find it cracks badly on my ears and behind my ears and I have to get my ears siringed out a lot . Boy that takes a lot of time because they can't remove it that easy like wax.

Stuart @stuartj17

Yeah I get that a lot too

Jeanie @jeanie

Yep definitely, it drives me crazy. U use novosone ointment- it does the trick in one or two days usually.

Margo @margo

I have had it inside of my ears and then the skin debris and the wax clogged one ear! I felt like I was underwater until I was able to get to the ENT to resolve the problem! Psoriasis is much more than skin deep in so many ways!

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Sarah @sjpc
England, AR, United States

Hi! I have had psoriasis since having my daughter 21 years ago! Have tried many creams and ointments over the years, as well as UV light treatment and have found nothing really works for long but really keen to try changes to diet and lifestyle :)

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