...feeling insecure Joni @joni

Looks, itch

Anyone else ever feel like a human snow globe?


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Adam @ads666

Shake me at your own peril!!

Brenda @brendawylde

I do for sure...constantly sweeping the floors. Moisturizing helps some but difficult to moisturize the scalp!

Stef @StfAnyZé

I confirm I snow...

Jan @janthegran

Even worse with scalp psoriasis and my favourite colour I wear is black!

Kirk @Meme

specially couple hours after I get out the shower

Mathew @mathew77

Yep my x used to call me snow flake

Denny Ann Christianson
Denny Ann Christianson @dennyannchristianson

Unfortunately Psoriasis will stay with us forever no matter what we do. BUT there is always something to keep it under control. Creams tabs etc. I put cream on my skin all the time. Worry stress even when we get sick it always comes back worse. So I just live with it. Can't wear dark colours sometimes.

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