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My mate said psoriasis singles is legitimately a dating website - would you ever try it?
React ❤️for "hell yes, dating someone who understands!"
Or 😂 for "heck no, that's double the flaking!"


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

why not if i were single,i might be nervous?first things first,on meeting up, break the ice ,i scratch your back if you scratch mine, :)

Claire @Jacko711

I tried a psoriasis website for dating once... it ended up being more like this than anything!

Rex @westport

What ever floats your boat if you met someone on here that was suited for you why not

Sarah @sarahlou

I would coz I kind of get put off coz of psoriasis I hate people seeing it or feeling it on my scalp

David @Thor

Hi HollyDan ! Where in the world are you ? xxx

Roeseler @roeseler

I've used about everything on the market and love dermalmd psoriasis serum. When it came out recently I bought it at Walgreens and then couldn't get it again as it was out of stock. So, Amazon to the rescue again and at a cheaper price! Psoriasis is very complicated, what works for one person may very well not work for another. I've spent much more on other products that did absolutely nothing, this worked for me, thank goodness.

Cindy @Cindy1969

I don't date anymore....I have been ridiculed enough in my life with this disease....if I can prevent feeling anxious,embarrassed and like a freak then I will.

Ella @ellabear

Not redi to d8 yet

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