...feeling alone Stef @StfAnyZé


My colleague just told me it is Carnaval on your office seeing all white skin crisps around me... I need a small desk hoover...


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Jan @janthegran


john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

if i was an office worker,i would get my self an R2D2 desk top vac,it makes sounds as it cleaning up the flakes beep,beep squeek bip boop :)

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

sorry you feel alone stef,you are not here.i have made changes and my skin is better,some changes are better than nothing for improvement,its a choice, a choice for everyone

michael @macconmara

Sorry to hear you are going through so much, Coldtar mixed with with bethnovate is a good Irish cream cure. If a person made a comment about your psoriasis they are the weaker one as they lack empathy. You are the better person getting on with you life

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Stef @StfAnyZé
Toulouse, France

Recovering little by little flake by flake

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