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Do you have a tattoo? And if you do, how did your psoriasis react to it?

My grandad had an awesome eagle on his back that I always loved as a kid, but not sure if getting one is such a good idea knowing my track record with skin.


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Meaghan @meaghan

I have quite a few tattoos and I don't think it any effect on my p as far as I could tell!

Lee @lee

I have a few tattoos...most have gotten P while healing but no damage to tattoos

Harold @harold

I've commented to Claire in an earlier post. any injury to the skin, whether from a tattoo or a mozzie bite can result in a flare-up in the area. This is known as the Koebner Effect. The not so nice thing is that you might not only get P rocking up at the tattoo site but any other lesions you have may become worse due to the inflammatory reaction caused by the tattoo.

Amy @amos

i recently had a tattoo and my p is attacking it but not damaging the design...but it does look horrible covered in p..hopefully it will go and leave it looking ok..

Christopher @chris92

I got my first tattoo last October, I wanted it for years but I was afraid with my psoriasis! It healed exceptionally well and I got my second one 2 months later! I think you will be ok as long as it's not over psoriasis or over where you've had a flare up in the past!

Michelle @michelledaniels

I have 9 tattoos in total no e have been effected by my psoriasis... but hair dye and henna tattoos are a different matter.... i react badly to these and my psoriasis go all septic and horrid 😩

Karen @Eling

Hi Jack, I have tattoos and found that my skin healed very quickly, but I also made sure I was not in the middle of a flare up

Anton @tarquinious

I have a tattoo and psoriasis doesn't treat it any differently. I'll get spots on clear skin and tattooed skin in equal measures.

Don't let psoriasis stop you from getting something you love - it'll give you more reason to expose your skin to the sunshine which seems to help clear the spots.


Have numurous tattoos. Got another one last year and it flared up, tried a smaller one...flared up again. It's a new reaction though as I have had several with no reaction ever.

Phil @nadenlad

I Have A tattoo On The Inner Lower Left Arm and I Have Had No reaction At All

Jack @psoriasisblob

Awesome stuff, glad to hear that most people haven't had any major problems. Now the hardest part - deciding what to get!

Dean @dean87

I have many tattoos and suffer severely with psoriasis
As long as you keep on top of your creams n ointments you should be fine

Mark @Drac

it take over my tattoos hardly se them some times

MommaMia @MommaMia

I don't think that I would get a tat. Why take the chance of causing another problem?

McKenzie @McKenzie

I haven't had a reaction and I've healed really quickly

Cindy @Cindy1969

Hi jack, I've got 2 one on my leg and the other on my inner arm, I had no trouble with healing it healed quickly, no infections and strangely enough I never get affected on those areas...sometimes I wish I could be brace enough to cover my whole body with tattoos

Liz @lizzi

Hi jack I have many my skin fine your body you do what you want only you live inyour skin

paul @crick

i wouldn't risk it.

Laura @laura89

I have 3 tattoos and it healed great and didn’t effect my psoriasis one bit my tattooist said I could but it never did phew .

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