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Has anyone tried light therapy? I just finished a ten week course and it has helped


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Brenda @brendawylde

I have done the light therapy for approximately the same amount of time on 3 different occasions when my Psoriasis was particularly bad. Each time it cleared the lesions nearly 100%.

Das @das

I've had it twice, it works very well but didn't last very long

joe @joe00000

yes works for me

joe @joe00000

only went 4 times and cleared up that was about a year ago starting to come back now so will be seeing the doc

kashi @kashi

Hi my friend had 3 sessions n it improved for her!

Bob @4bob

I can confirm it did help me 7 weeks of treatment two time a week but still got a big patch on my leg I shouldn't say this but it I get the light treatment again I will be going to the sun beds after the treatment to see if that helps keep it away

Beverly @beverly24

Hello, Yes I tried and it didnt do anything except give me burns. Ouch. I am happy it has helped you!

Dill @Ourdill

Uvb light treatment should be given in short bursts over a number of week.. it shouldnt burn you. Sunbeds in salons etc wont help much as they are uva rays .. save money for uvb treatment..or you can actually buy handheld lamps off amazon and ebay for around £140 .. small price to pay

darren @bigd1982

hi Caroline - I had 40 sessions in total through my private health, although I got a lovely tan :-) I found it helped a little but didn't clear it and then it come back twice as bad.

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