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It's changed my life. Socialising is so hard. I am aware of people staring.


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Ragazza @ragazza

Well Lorraine.. when they shock you..just shock back and ask them very polite: what are you staring at??? Don't forget to put up a big smile. Most of the time they get very embarressed

ellen @elle

It's hard but smile & they soon stop staring, been there loads of times.

Mahara @mahara

Tell them is contagious and watch them leave haha

Lucy @lucy182

Aww bless you. Sadly it's part of the condition. Sometimes it's nicer when people ask what you have? Just smile and continue on with head held high xx

Missy @missy

I have it on my scalp, but also in/on my ears. I wear my hair up so it's not hidden. I don't care what others think. If they mention that it looks horrible, my response is "imagine how it feels on THIS side of it". I'm 50 years old. What life has taught me is that i have no business knowing what other people think of me. Be a supportive friend, share a smile and a joke. Show them how wonderful you are on the inside and they will soon be blind to the condition of your outside. And if they don't get over it, they aren't worth your time and energy.

arlene @arlene

my biggest hurdle is the hair dressers...Im lucky because my best friend does hair but no one goes near it but me irs somtging that seems to stay longer than any other flare ups... I have niticed though that conditioners make a huge difference on the patches i get if i. stick to the one and not change im better off and i o ly wash my hair 2/3 times a week anymore than that i get larger patches.

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