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I'm thinking of buying a UVA/UVB lamp, does it matter which one? It might be quicker than waiting for the hospital in February/March i've seen them for a couple of hundred £'s - any thoughts or suggestion?


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Ragazza @ragazza

Hi Harrison... I don't hear much reactions about that lamp. Don't think that it's a wonder lamp like we want it to be.

Does it really takes so long before you can get a light therapy in the hospital??
I called on Tuesday ..could come to the Dermatologist in the hospital on Friday and started that light therapy on Monday.

Don't be frustrated... it will stress you more and more.

Harrison @harrison
Ukiah, CA, United States

Hi, I'm 43-years-old, never had psoriasis before until 18 months ago, initially on my legs which is now 'under control' but now other areas, some bad and tender which is being treated with creams etc - I am soon to try 'light' treatment whatever that is. I moisturise etc but it doesn't seem to want to go. Its embarrassing, stressful and sometimes painful - Any solutions or ideas are welcomed.

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