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When I'm in the bath I use an old comb with thick bristles to scratch my legs because it feels amazing and gets rid of the flakes so I can use my creams directly on the wound
Stings a bit but I get good results
Just don't like the fact I bleed


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Beverly @beverly24

I am lucky at this stage where I am at. My body as a lot of it for a long time now. I do not itch in most places anymore. i do remember a while back how it did itch horribly. I would just scratch and scratch and then look and see the blood pouring out. Very attractive! Also if I squat down to pick up something, the sides of my knees will crack open and the burning is like someone took a knife to it and its cracks so deep and pours blood out!!!! Horrible!!! I do not squat anymore.

Nan195 @lynnie

Get better soon 😢

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello dean, that dont sound good, been there plenty of times, hope i never go back there again,last winter i was scratching so badly,i was tempted to get the sandpaper out and give it a good sanding to stop the itch, i am near clear now with changes i have made,glad you are happy :)

Tony @TonyR

I do something similar with a nail brush, feels great at the time, bloody & painful after, the cream does go directly onto effected skin instead of on top of layers of dead skin. I think that helps. Hope I'm not scrubbing my skin raw for nothing 😅

Janice @Immy

I prefer to bath rather than have a shower and soak for about half hour and I use a massage sponge which is much more gentle on my skin and it takes all the flakes off. The soles of my feet are the worse as it gets very thick so I scrape it off with the blade of a pair of scissors and when dry I cream myself all over with emollient and my feet feel like heaven for awhile as they are always burning, but hey ho! I have learnt to ignore it as I have had the feet problem for 27 years. At the moment my skin is good due to drinking 2 litres of bottled water a day and hopefully will continue throughout the summer months.

Beverly @beverly24

Hey Janice,,, I too get those thick soles on my feet. I bought a foot scraper that is a pumice stone. After my bath it really takes it all off. Then Use a moisturizer lotion after. They are really smooth after all of this. I hope that helps you.

Rodparis @rodparis

You may want to try those egg shaped scrapers for your feet. They're not as invasive. I only bled once using it on my legs. I'm not a doctor, but I think your digging into it with a comb can actually make it worse. Easier said than done, but try it. I

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Dean @dean87
Telford, United Kingdom

I once had a bit of psoriasis on my back shaped like France I haven't even been to France!!!!

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