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Help me someone please this psoriasis is ridiculous and embarrassing any help would be appreciated dearly


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Maxine @Madmax

Try not to stress it makes it worse. Moisturise as much as possible i.e. Morning and night with a non perfumed moisturiser, I do find this helps.

john,Chewweeeeee @chewbacca

hello mathew,sorry you feel alone, you are not here,i made big changes and my skin is great near clear,hope you find a solution thanks john

Manif @manif

for starters try glycerin it is will really help in the itiching and soothing the skin. also try going to beach every week in the morning and try taking bath in the salt water.
by the what is your diet do you smoke?

Rodparis @rodparis

I have tried everything, literally, oddly enough about a year ago I started using MG17 for psoriasis recommended by a friend who has it. You can buy it OTC. Don't know if it's timing or less stress, but my arms and back have improved tremendously. And, in my arms in particular scaling has been reduced by 80%. It doesn't cure it but it sure does alleviate it.

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