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Any comments on UV
treatment and meds? Anyone used it and worked?


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Tamara @tamara

Yes, uvb is good. Ask your dermatologist about it. I do it and it helps

Amanda van der Merwe
Amanda van der Merwe @amandavandermerwe

Hi there. UV treatment works but you must be careful for skin cancer.

Shirley @Cooper

Yes I've had uv treatment in the past and I'm waiting to go back in now and have it gone

Dickey Reyatt
Dickey Reyatt @dickeyreyatt

Hi guys. But do you go for just the light treatment or you use meds as well?

Shirley @Cooper

At the moment no creams or working on me , I've had the light treatment 3 time now this will be my 4 when I go and I do found it helps a lot.

Sue McCutcheon
Sue McCutcheon @suem

Because of stress I have been through this year, I decided that I would try the light treatment again - I used light treatment when I was young. Both of my doctors who treat my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are impressed by my improvement.

Kathy @sgsbgek1

My husband has tried this and it worked but you do have to be carful of the sun long sleeves an long pants all the time when you are out side. It did come back again slowly but was gon for a few months. Good luck if you go down that path.

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