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I am SOOOO itchy lately. The itchiest I think it's ever been. Anyone got any tips for not scratching in my sleep? I put coconut oil on before I go to bed every night but it's so dry by the morning.


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Don @don

and a big pile of flakes on the floor xx

Don @don

we have to laugh or cry . I would sooner laugh xx have a nice night xx

Lee @littlelee

Try and stay hydrated with water and rotate moisturizers occasionally (E45 works well for me). I found my caffeine intake was a bit higher than it should be, whilst it's not responsible directly for the itching I think it had (for me) a negative affect on anxiety and trying to sleep in general.

Manif @manif

try glycerin lotion. or try ginkolium it is from bio screen made in paris it is a lotion which actually puts the itch to snooze mode

Karensa @karensa

I find if I have lots of sugar I get more itchy or over heated

Cindy @Cindy1969

I feel for you holli,mine has bee exactly the same as yours for the past month to the point where I'm only getting a couple of hours sleep a night, am going back to dermi clinic next week...am so over it

Flaym @flaym

@holli: There's a lot of great advice on avoiding sleep scratching in our most recent community thread: www.flaym.io/posts/12494

Doug @Dougly

cotton gloves

Liz @girlslocker

All of a sudden I've developed hives! it's awful

Janice @Immy

Hi Liz, so sorry to hear you have developed hives. They can go as quickly as they came, my son had them just for a few hours on the day they moved house, caused by stress. I had them a couple of years ago when I had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic cream, OMG I have never experienced anything like it in my life, I was completely covered apart from my face I looked like I had scarlet fever and the itching was uncontrollable and in every orifice mentionable. I was put on a high dose of antibiotic and antihistamines, I also had to apply two different creams to my body 3 times a day each with an interval of half an hour in between, luckily we are both retired as my husband had to do my back for me. I would wake every night at approx. 2 am clawing myself to pieces, I found having a cool shower helped as it brought my body temperature down and enabled me to return to bed, this went on for 3 months but it took a further 9 months to fully rehydrate my skin. I also felt unwell and light headed which my GP said I would as your skin is the largest organ of your body. I really feel for you as until you have it yourself no one can understand what it is like, we think psoriasis itches but until you have hives it makes psoriasis feel like a tickle. I hope you will be one of the lucky ones and only have it for a short time as it can cause insomnia.

Liz @girlslocker

@Janice Thank you for your support with my hives issue!! I was thinking of doing a Pinnertest? Food intolerance test but it costs so much! Do u have experience with that?

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Holli @holli
Leicester, United Kingdom

Plaque and inverse psoriasis sufferer of 12 years. I get it all over my face (yay for make up) and on about 60% of my body currently. Been on medication for about 10 years but now hoping to find some relief in a lifestyle change :)

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