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Healthcare system

3:20pm and zero energy


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Angelina @angelinaRoman

5:30 pm, and also no energy(((

Lauren @lauren

Does psoriasis make you tired? I've been tired a lot lately but thought it was just because I haven't been sleeping well.

Angelina @angelinaRoman

It makes me tired to put on cream every day. or even few times. If I will miss some day it will by terible again.((((

TravelRocker @travelrocker

I am always tired, whether I have had 4 hours sleep or 13 hours. Permantely 😴

Allyson @allyson

I am also tired and have no energy. My theory is that our bodies are in over drive making all of these skin cells. Also, I think just the stress of having psoriasis drains me. My quality of my life with it's limitations draining my energy. Agree?

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