dave keyes
...feeling hopeful dave keyes @weasel

Diet, looks

after 19 years of red elbows and in another couple of areas from head to toe i am finally starting phototherapy tomorrow in Limerick regional hospital. 8 to 10 weeks of 3 days a week therapy . fingers crossed.


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dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel

no post at present

Ragazza @ragazza

Nice ...nice... it doesn't hurt, you get a beautiful healthy tan and it pumps up your mental health.

Pam @pampar

All of the very best XXXX

Martin @martinhulk

It worked for me, but came back after stopped the treatment. I try to get as much sun as possible, also seems to work

JULIA @julia

Hope it works for you☺

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dave keyes
dave keyes @weasel
Limerick, Ireland

im 52 , non smoker for last 2 years 1 son Munster rugby fanatic

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