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Has anybody experience this in a shop or supermarket. At the checkout the staff drop the change into your hands, they will not make contact, it is so upsetting and makes me furious every time it happens which is probably everyday


Theme Psoriasis on the Hands

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Kim @Foody

I get it all the time as I have it on the back of both hands. I used to get upset but now I ignore it.

Jeni @jeni

Hi travel rocker ,when you,ve showered always pat your skin dry ,do not rub with the towel your old skin cells come off and then start to grow again .mine come off in bed while moving about .

Jeni @jeni

yes as though your dirty ,I just say if you had what i have you would know how pain full it is and by doing that makes me feel worse .

Jennifer @jujubee

On the other side, as a cashier at my last job, customers did that to me, one person called after she left to yell at the manager for letting someone with "measles" work with the public lol

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