...feeling sad Lauren @lauren


So tired just want to sleep. I feel bad because I think I have it okay compared to everyone on here but my ear! Could sleep great if it wasn't for my darn ear! 😒


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Nan195 @lynnie

When I feel fatigued I rest, meditate or find a wall and lie down on the floor with my legs straight up against the wall and just chill for a while, it feels so good. I have it easy too, two small patches on my finger and one knuckle.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

even if you have it mild, its still giving you grief,we are all different lauren, i have had it bad,meduim bad,ok and near gone,the fact that you still have it and it effecting you and your sleep is not good,,stress can makes it worse sorry, i hope you find a solution and i am sorry you are sad thanks

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