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OMG my scalp is so itchy! Driving me nuts


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KateL @katel

you and me both driving me nuts as well

Allyson @allyson

I know what you mean. Mine has been very bad lately. I have not been able to dye my hair in 5 years. I don't wear black anymore because of all of the flaking. Have you tried T-Gel shampoo.? It's tar based.

KateL @katel

no I have not but will look into it this week I do bath in a tar based product but that only gives me a nights relief also bath in epsom salts and bicarb soda then slather the coconut oil on after the bath that helps for a day takes the inflammation away I haave it all over my buttocks and up my back inner and outer ears and back of my head and then dotted all over the rest of my body gr..............

KateL @katel

that is my first and last moan about the whole thing as it does not help at all smiles all the way

Nan195 @lynnie

Have you tried a Coconut Oil massage.
Get better soon and take care 🌹

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