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After having a 2 month break of being clear and free of psoriasis it's came back with a vengeance and my body hurts 😥 but hey as the Vikings say...wear your scars with pride as it shows your struggle of being strong


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Cindy @Cindy1969

I'm the same dean, I have been on a drug for the last 7months that has kept p under control, but now it's starting to get cold here I'm starting to flare, I'm feeling sore even where there is no lesions, and feeling the cold unbelievably, I went back to professor yesterday and she told me because I have so much inflammation in my body that's why I'm so cold all the time, I'm waiting for blood results to come back and all going well I will be starting some new exspensive drug fingers crossed...I've had to be so strong and positive my whole life with this disease but lately I've been thinking a person can only do this for so long....I'm at the stage where I'm nearly well and truly over this😪

Jennifer @jujubee

Every time it seems to be leaving, it comes back... Hope your 2 months were well spent!

Nan195 @lynnie

I smiled when I read how brave and positive you are.
Wishing you a speedy recovery Dean 👍🏻

Dean @dean87
Telford, United Kingdom

I once had a bit of psoriasis on my back shaped like France I haven't even been to France!!!!

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