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Having P in your ears is no joke..!


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Josh @josh

It's wet though

Yvonne @budjack40

I constantly get ear infections from scratching and accidently pushing dead skin into my ears. It is so frustrating and most of the time it happens when I'm sleeping so I'm not aware I'm doing it!

Annette Gill
Annette Gill @annettegill

I too have p in ears on head and genital area. I use a cream containing been from India. Eases it quite a bit. I understand the itching at night so I take an antihistamine before bed. Helps x

Annette Gill
Annette Gill @annettegill

Prevous post should have said neem not been. Folks must of thought I'd lost it. Lol

Ciara @ciara

Yep, can be so painful when you accidentally scratch it!! I found a cream from Environ skincare called colostrum helps and a steroid cream if it's really bad

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