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Have you ever had psoriasis in your ears? What helps?


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Angie @angie

Yes I have. I used to use Vaseline to loosen the flakes. Then I'd take a damp wash cloth and wipe them out.

Lucie @lucie

In the U.K. We have an old fashioned cream called Astral that's worked for me before. I also use Vaseline or sudocrem.

paul @crick

yes,anything oily helps me.

Piet @piet

Yes, I put an oily cream on before I bath or shower. Afterwards I rub it off while I dry myself

john,Hulk @chewbacca

yes and at the seam of where the ear joins,can crack and bleed :)

Elizabeth @elizabeth59

A liitle bit of 50/50 at bedtime helps AND you dont hear your partner snoring

Nan195 @lynnie

Not me but I feel for anyone who hasโ˜น๏ธ

Phyllis @Toots

Coconut oil works for me :-)

john,Hulk @chewbacca

a lottery win will work for me for sure,no stress,worries, nice holidays in the sun all year round,i would be livin the dreeaaam :)

Trevor @Bluemoon63

Yes i have, nothing i have cream (sudocrem) still itches and often i feel dead skin and pick

Susan @radicalnan

I've found Betnovate lotion on a cotton bud helps with the outer ear but just have to suffer if it is further in.

Karen @karenalys

It's a constant problem for me & incredibly distracting. Olive oil applied, gently, with a cotton bud is what my dermatologist recommended ... sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn't. It's as bad as the itch on the left foot I no longer have after a below knee ampution in 2013.
You can get olive oil on prescription for psoriasis treatment. I have to use warm olive oil on my scalp daily/every other day to keep down scalp scaling.
Good Luck

Piers @piers

Yes and badly, I can't use my hearing aid as it pushes the flakes deeper into my ear :'(

Irene @rodeo4

OMG!!!! I just recently started to feel dry patches around my one ear. so freaking aggravated with this whole psoriasis. ugh now I just let my hair drape down and cover my ear, like my personal curtain.

Jen @Wifeylewis1

I do! I use coconut oil when I go to bed, then you can pick the skin off in the morning ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚

Lucie @lucie

Guys can i just say i am chuffed to little mint balls i found this site. I really thought i was alone with this and its nice to be able to chat about skin peeling off ears in the morning@wifeylewis1 ๐Ÿ™‹ After my dr said well your in your 30's your stuck with it you can imagine why was left if my self esteem vanished

Lucie @lucie

And when i say nice i mean its open speaking where nobody is repulsed by what we as the p society deal with, they just say stop scratching and put some cream on ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿ–•

Marek @marek

i use ISO-UREA MD lotion ( La Roche-Posey) its a lotion for psoriasis skin and its helps

Dena @dena

Hi. I do in the ears and behind them I have a cream that the dr prescribed

Christine @cms

The doctor prescribed Fluocinonide USP, 0.05% cream for my elbows, knees, and ears for my psoriasis in those areas. So far it really helps me!

Francisco @francisco

I have. Every day I use nivea cream, in sos bonalfa.

danny @everdan

yea iv got it bad in one ear,it makes my hearing aid whistle all the time. so i starting using otomize as suggested on here. it works for me.

Lori @lorij

Yes I use CeraVe lotion. I have also been taking Moringa and having great success.

April @aprilj

I use an exfoliating sponge, then coat with Vaseline. I also have it on my eyelids...I can wear make-up anymore.

Marianne @mariannejan

I had psoriasis in my ears when I was around 14 years old. The ear specialists were not able to figure it out, till I ended up at a dermatologist's office. Got cream for it, do not remember what it was, it is 58 years ago... I guess it was the regular psoriasis cream of those days! Very irritating though to have it in the ears.

Ellie @ellamae62

Yes, I just scrub them during bath/shower, then use diaper rash ointment & it helps, also helps on other spots too

Ken @kenf

I find that a scalp solution works the best. It's not oil based nor does it stain.

john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello chris yes agreed, some do feel sorry for themselves and pour out their anxiety etc but, its a place where people can listen to each other and know they are not alone and thats it i feel,feeling sorry for myself does nothing for me,trying to help myself does but, its a choice a choice for everyone :)

russel @russel

yes and still do i found the best thing to use is cetraban as you can also shower or bath with it put a tiny bit on a cotton bud and gently wipe round your ears

Lucie @lucie

Chris I'm slightly shocked at that post? This is a place from what I see so far that people can share and help each other, whether it's finding that golden solution or just having a moan to release the anxiety. I am sorry but I don't feel it is your place to suggest people are just maybe feeling sorry for themselves

gary @gulagger

Dream cream is good

Lucie @lucie

Hi Gary, What is dream cream as my scalp is completely covered in p at the minute, so will give anything a go!

Jerry @jerryb

Most of my life. steroid creams work for a while but not a good solution long term. I'm trying coconut oil based on comments below.

gary @gulagger

Dream cream is all natural no steroids its good over time..

Lucie @lucie

@gulagger where can i get this cream?

john,Hulk @chewbacca

i believe what you say lucie,we are here to find help and to help each other, i have helped my self a lot from here,thank you FLAYM :)if someone said would i make changes 4 months ago, i would had said ,no way,this is a community to help each other ,i found it here and i embraced it and use it and i know how to make my skin better now because i listened in my sore cracking skin and cracking painful joints scoffing on snicker bars and only myself could do something about it so, i am thankful to people here and flaym for changing my life :)

Ramon @ramonpalban

Give me a good, lotion for my skin

liz @liz46

I have and it's very embarrassing when you have to go to the hairdressers. I'm tried cocnut oil and sudocream never worked

colin @colinjeffs

i have psoriasis in my ears i use salcura bioskin i moisturises the dead skin cells so they can be removed with a cotton wool pad. once they have been removed use it to keep the skin moist . every three months i go to my local hearing centre and get them to check and clean my ears out.

Barbara @barbaraA

Behind my ears is the worst. The cracks and bleeding burn.

Kim @Foody

Yes I have it in my ear. I have to use olive oil drops every day.

Chippykeith @chippykeith

I get in the ears now and then I use a bit of protopic 0.1%ointment

Lorna Penner
Lorna Penner @lornapenner

Let me know if you have a remedy for poriases in the ears--I have it too and in my nose and eyes too1 Lorna

gary @gulagger

I have it on head and ears can't imagine what it's like in eyes so sorry to hear x

Brenda @brendawylde

Yes,very little helps but coconut oil helps some. Cant use hearing aids because of scaling

Trish @trish

Yes, man times. Try not to pick at it, not only do you block your ear but you can cause infection. If you want healthy try almond or olive oil, otherwise ointment from the chemist.

ninja @ninja

Yes I had but it disappeared.

Andie @andie

Not having to listen to my hubbie, i get deaf as a post.

Connie @Shediedtrying

I have psoriasis in both ears. I swab them with a low dose topical steroid cream using a Q-tip. This works well for me.

sadhna mittal
sadhna mittal @sadhnamittal

yes, my hearing power was 80% gone, but my ENT doctor very carefully cleaned the area inside my ear, which was totally plugged and all is well again.

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