...feeling hopeful Shane @shane


Anyone ever tried Kefir grains.?? Just been advised to buy some and try it with milk. Supposed to see results after a month or so with psoriasis!


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Jennifer @jujubee

I've heard good things let us know if it works for you 😊

Shane @shane

I shall do ! Definetly going to give it ago

Marianne @mariannejan

Hi, Shane, I have tried kefir grains and for me, there was no change... I am on a strict vegan diet and that helps enormously with the part that one can see. Your scales and patches. Read up on psoriasis. It has been known since the sixties that animal protein is not compatible with a psoriasis sufferer. Just be aware that the pharmaceuticals nd health-food stores are having a ball with the money they make of us.

Shane @shane
Kidderminster, United Kingdom

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