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How many days does it normally take you to flare up after eating/drinking something bad? I'm around 2-3 days for alcohol intake but can be up to a few hours after for some foods (dairy, high sugar etc). Anyone else have results similar?


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john,Hulk @chewbacca

hello lawrence,i am a lifer,i dont realy know, i did go on a gluten filled diet in the weeked for my blood test on tuesday,and i was itching by day 2 of gluten and flared a bit, i am on all the diet,i know it can flare quicker than it go,heal up :) glad you are okay :)

Kelly @Plum

I'm the same normally 3 days my skin is flared up 😢

Becca @wellwellwellbecca

Hi Lawrence, same for me with skin flares up within hours. With alcohol it's usually the next day and it takes a few days to go back to 'normal'.

Lawrence @Makelarray

Just seen these responses! Thanks guys, always good to get new info. Thinking of making a chart on how long each food group may take to flare up. Using your own body as a guinea pig, not ideal 😂😂

Lawrence @Makelarray
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