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Looks, treatment

Sudocrem - available at Waitrose (UK users). Use at night before bed as it's thick and very white, but is currently doing wonders for me. As I've said in other posts, just treat the areas others can see or where it is giving you trouble.


Please don't include specific medical product brand names or external links.

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kathy @goofy222

i have got a big tub of that will it be ok on my scalp

Kelly @Plum

I've been using moogoo brought from Amazon that's the best stuff I've ever used and u can rub it right in

Helen @Hellzbellz100

Wow will need to try that!

Anton @tarquinious

@Kathy: the tub I got is very thick, so I wouldn't put it on my scalp (unless I was bald, which is not that many years away now).

Use pinetar or coaltar shampoo for the scalp, and sudocrem for other areas.

As per my warning above though, don't treat ALL areas or it will start coming out in new places, some of which may not be ideal.

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