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Hi guys and gals, sorry I've been off track for a couple of weeks or so but just trying to manage with starting injections, new job, and feeling pretty damn low. I am getting there and the injections are starting to work, thank goodness.


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Afina @afina

What do you inject? ( If you don't mind me asking)

Helen @Hellzbellz100

Sorry you are a bit down. Really exciting about the new job! Remember to smile, even if you dont feel like it. Other people will be drawn to you and will make you feel better. The injections will get easier with time. Xx

Nan195 @lynnie

All the best with the new job and the injections.
Don't feel low, you are a part of the Elite.
Smile, you never know who's looking at you 😀🌹

Trish @trish
Douglas, Isle of Man

I am P I Trish - Psoriatic Itch Trish

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