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Hey anyone knows how to keep head psoriasis dormant or make it go away


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Pooja @pooja55

I don't know about any product bt bcz of Indian tradition we apply too many typs of oil which let my scalp psurises go away

Louise @loopylou

T gel shampoo works for me xx

Sharita @shari

I agree with pooja I also use a blend of almond coconut n olive oils...warm it them massage into scalp soak the scalp overnight m them use a comb to remove thick scales or use a scalp cleansing shampoo like Eucerin yo erode build this at least 2x a helps!

Nik @Spotty

I used a super strong psoriasis shampoo and now my head looks better than ever

Nik @Spotty
England... Perv

My body psoriasis is gone but ME FUCKEN SCALP PSORIASIS IS ANNOYING AS ....

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