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Hi, I suffer from scalp psoriasis which travels as far as my neck. Not sure if anyone else suffers with it on the scalp but it's horrible. Has any got any good recommendations to keep it bay? I use a steroid ointment but cannot rely on it.


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Julie @julie9690

I started getting my hair shorter years ago...the UVB light handwand i have now works wonders but I am now looking for a bigger unit for whole-body treatment. Also-what kind of shampoo are you using?

Gaurav @gaurcobain

Coconut oil and camphor is the best option. Sweat a lot. Leave your taste buds isolated. It shouldn't spread anymore, be aware. Consume lot of milk, no salt , no sugar. Medidate whenever you are free. And stay strong

Amy @amylou

Hi Julie, I've never heard of the UVB light? What exactly is it and what does it do? I use art naturals shampoo for scalp which isn't too bad. It's hard because I only use cruelty free brands which isn't a bad thing but struggle to find ones that actually work. I've tried so many different things, it keeps it a bay for a week or so but then comes back, looking for something that might last longer than that. I've done the whole coconut oil, aloe Vera and lavender head mask, just nothing seems to work. It's so hard, because I don't think people take it seriously who don't suffer from it when actually it's a nightmare! X

Julie @julie9690

UVB Light has been, out of all of the treatments/trials/tribulations of psoriasis, the best thing that has happened for my skin. It's targeted treatments of blue light that only take 2-3 minutes each and after a few weeks you are virtually clear (well at least for me). I used to go to my gp for treatments but I ended up buying a small hand wand for home and I maintain my clear pretty well that way. I am looking for a new system now but don't know what the "newest" or best out there is--hand wand is great I just want something more!

Amy @amylou

Ah that UVB sounds good. But yes there no long term treatment, just dont think they have a lot of research on it as it's probably seen as "not life threatening" etc it just gets passed off. But honestly, it's such a nightmare, when I have a bad out break of it my head is full of scales I get clumps of it and it's on show, it's so unattractive:( have you tried like all the organic ways to keep it at bay? Coconut oil always comes up and aloe Vera? X

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