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Hello! It's time for a good vibe! Please, let's share some advice that actually functioned...we need hope!
All winter I ate a lot more healthier. I felt really well. Now I'm trying to focus again on diet, it seems the right way. What about you?


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Ashleigh @ashleigh

Tanning and natural sun! I have always covered myself. Wearing jeans and long sleeve shirts in the summer. This year I decided differently. I started going indoor tanning and put on shorts and t-shirts the sun is great for clearing it up! ❤️ Best of luck to everyone!! #loveyourskin

Anthony @anthony6

Diet, for me seems like the way forward. I have found that everything I apply directly to psoriasis - medicinal or natural - works for a week or so, then psoriasis adapts and comes back. Getting your diet right seems to be the way forward! Good luck with it

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