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Coping, strangers

Anyone else get frustrated with the "does it really hurt that bad?" "You're too young to be having joint issues" "You dont look like you have arthritis"-_- Joint pain doesn't always show up on the outside. Sorry for the rant.. I'm annoyed with people


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Trevor @Bluemoon63

Hi Jessica, i have OA (OsteoArthritus) in hips, hands had both knees replaced,what ppl like me have is a hidden disability,some days i need a stick to get round.

Jessica @saldije12

@ Trevor Oh no! I'm sorry! I recently started taking turmeric, vitamin D and calcium over the counter supplements and they've actually helped alot with the sharp pains and swelling

Sherry @Shezben

"Ask them what an arthritis sufferer is supposed to look like"..... That stumps about 99% of people....

Annette Gill
Annette Gill @annettegill

I know what you mean. Even my husband says stop moaning and do something about it. But what else? I've arthritis in my neck and spine and as yet they're unable to replace them so it's just pain management.....Not good for psoriasis!

Georgia @Debbers

Yeah every time I mention pain/stiffness, even to my boyfriend, they'll just be like "god go do some exercise or something to loosen up then or stop complaining" literally whilst I'm swallowing painkillers or putting a cold flannel on my neck. It's at the point where I hurt all over all the time so i'm constantly sleepy which apparently makes me lazy. I can't even sit up for long periods of time so I'm constantly going to lie down and supposedly I'm wasting my day even though I'm working from bed. I've not been diagnosed with arthritis yet but I've got a rheumatology appointment soon and 3 other doctors are pretty much decided on it but they want me to see a specialist first :/

Annette Gill
Annette Gill @annettegill

I've been diagnosed firstly with rheumatoid arthritis then as I got older osteoarthritis. Ive had MIRs and seen a specialist and Will soon be having physio instead of painkillers. Lets hope it works!

Sherry @sherry

Guess I'm used to it, since I've had most of it all my life... but yes, it does get annoying when people say dumb things like are you sure it's pso, or arthritis or whatever? DUH... I'm quite sure I know what it is by now. The main thing is I don't let them see that they annoy me! =)

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